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 Who Are we

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Location : The Rasmus Land in Lauri's dreamcity

PostSubject: Who Are we   Sun Nov 02, 2008 8:22 am

Name: Wendy
Country: Belguim
Age: 23 years
Birthday: 24 July
Hobby's: horseback driving, The Rasmus, alot of sports, listen to music and ect....

Name: Bianca
Country: Germany
Age: 17 years
Birthday: 04.07.1991
Hobby's: chatting, music, shopping, meeting friends, horse riding, cinema,...

Hey !
We're Wendy and Bianca,
the creators and administrators of this website and The Northern Rasmus Fanclub !
Although we're two different persons, we love the same music.
The idea of making this fanclub and the website is mostly created by us, fans and friends on Youtube.
We became friends, shared news and talked about our favourite band "The Rasmus" everyday. We grew up to this one big family of friends.
We didn't realize that we had a fanclub, which became bigger and bigger day by day.
So that was the time we start working on the Fanclub and make it real.
Bianca and Wendy have decided together to set up this website.
Together we have chosen a name and work on this website.
Ideas were shared and mixed together to this beautiful concept and fanclub.
Therefore we're willing to say a big thanks to everyone, who helped us and your friendship.

We hope to become even more closer to the music of "The Rasmus" and their fans.

Much Love,
Bianca & Wendy
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Who Are we
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