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 Rules of the forum, PLEASE READ !!!

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PostSubject: Rules of the forum, PLEASE READ !!!   Tue Nov 04, 2008 3:25 am


Fellow forumers - Racism, bullying, fighting and harassment of other forumers gets you banned from the forum. Treat each other respectfully please!

The band's privacy - It is our policy to leave the band members' private lives alone, so all threads or posts about possible partners, family, addresses and/or any other personal information about the guys will be locked or deleted. Respect their privacy!

Copyright - Don't post photos, artwork, etc. that isn't yours on this forum without permission of the owner and don't just post photos, artwork, etc. you may come across on this forum on other sites without permission of the owner either.


Stick to English. - Or you guys wouldn't all understand each other and the moderators/administrators don't speak all languages either!
Do not use slang. - U got 2 kno wot were talkin bout, it makes the posts very hard to understand.

Do not type in all CAPS (or big font). - That is considered shouting, hence such posts are just not very nice towards the other forumers.


Before opening a new thread, do a SEARCH to check if there is already a thread about your topic.

Please give a new thread a clear SUBJECT LINE stating what the thread is about.

Please try and stay ON TOPIC in the threads.

Don't CHAT in regular threads, just check out SAY WHAT'S ON YOUR MIND in General Chat and the TEEN RAMBLE in the Teen Forum.

If you want to post a PICTURE on the forum, please make sure it is no bigger than 400x300 pixels.

Please do not use more than two (2) QUOTES within each other per post and do not quote pictures.
If you require more information on posting a picture or using the "QUOTE" button, please check the Technical Support.

Avatars & signatures:


No animations.

Maximum 100x100 pixels.

No animations.

Maximum 350x200 pixels (350 pixels wide and 200 pixels high).

No more than one (1) image.

Maximum font size for text in a signature is "normal" (size 12).

No more than two (2) forum-smilies.
If you need help with or more information about avatars and signatures, please check the Technical Support.


No usernames containing the band members' names.

One username-change per account, just PM an admin to get yours changed.

Technical Help:

FAQ - General info about phpBB-forums.

Technical Support - All basic information about how the forum works.

Technical Questions Forum - Any inquiries for information not available in the FAQ and/or Technical Support.

Off-limits subjects:

Illegal music downloads - Do NOT post asking about nor providing illegal music downloads, for instance from p2p networks, free mp3-sites or other forumers! Check here for a list of webstores to buy the albums and/or legal music downloads.

Advertising - Advertising (for example, an eBay auction) ONLY in your signature, links to (fan)sites about The Rasmus here and links to other bands' (fan)sites here.

Self harm - On this forum, you can NOT discuss self harm and suicide. This is a band/music forum and the forum team is not educated to help forumers who struggle with this problem, not to mention especially younger forumers could easily be influenced by posts about these topics.

What happens in case of breaking the rules?

Minor offence - You get a reminder of the forum rules by PM.

Major offence and/or repeated minor offences - You get one (1) official warning by PM and if unread after a certain period of time also by e-mail.

Second major offence - A second major offence leads to a ban, either temporary or permanent.

Extremely rude and disrespectful behaviour - This will lead to an immediate permanent ban without any previous warning.

Who to contact:

About a certain sub-forum - PM a moderator of that sub-forum, stated below the description on the index page.

About the forum in general, for instance about your account - PM an administrator.
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Rules of the forum, PLEASE READ !!!
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