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 How did You First get into The Rasmus, and what made u love them?

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Location : New Zealand - where TR haven't been! ):

PostSubject: How did You First get into The Rasmus, and what made u love them?   Sat Feb 14, 2009 5:29 pm

Ok well i first got into The Rasmus when i first heard In The Shadows and that was the first song i heard from them! (this was a no.1 hit song here in NZ) Very Happy I loved Lauri's voice straightaway and loved the lyrics and music! i loved everything bout it and really liked the band instantly!! Then i saw the ITS vid and i fell in love with Lauri ♥️ And esp from that moment, my curiosity bout The Rasmus got the better of me lol, and i started searching for more of their music and info bout the band, and started listening to more of their music as i kept finding some, and loved them more and more!! Very Happy OMG i don't know how much i can emphasise how GREAT they are!! Very Happy Their music is just so...AMAZING, and i LOVE their style! Lauri is just such a talented singer, and i loved how all the songs he sings have a special meaning to him! Like he doesn't just come up with them just like that - randomly, they all have a particular meaning to/for him and i think that's amazing!! O_O Razz
i have never really been much of a rock girl untill i listened to TR - that first song, and that was just it for me! i got into TR just like that! *snaps fingers* and after must have been a month when i got a good collection of their music, that was all that listened to, an they have become my ONE and ONLY FAVE band! X3 ^_^
I now have pretty much all their music!! Very Happy X3 I have Dead Letters, HFTS and the altimute best Album ever from them, Black Roses which i bought, and it's thanks to my friend Jetta who told me where i could get them!! An the rest of TR's music which i didn't have, i got from Jets aswell! Now i've got i think all TR's music! ^_^
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Location : The Rasmus Land in Lauri's dreamcity

PostSubject: Re: How did You First get into The Rasmus, and what made u love them?   Fri May 08, 2009 8:28 am

I felt in love with The Rasmus in a very difficult time!!! There help me throw it all, just by listen to Lauri his voice i became so strong!!!
and mmm i don' like to talk about it all so i hide it for alot of people, and this year i finaly could tell the guys it in a letter!
there also readed it and i could say my feelings to them. Made me feel so happy and like some parts i could close in my live.
Anyway my love for them became so strong, I have no words to say to them our the say just how i feel .... Nothing would fit !!!

I hear for the first time f-f-faling and also when that songs was done the song In The shadows came on the radio!!
well almost all there songs where play that day because it was a special broadcast in my country for Lauri Ylönen his b-day i guesse !!!!
Next day i already drive to the shop and buy there album, where i listen to everyday and night "hihi"
Than realy very late i seen for the first time there music video...and i love it all!!
There where the first realy music i listen to and start to adore!! I became a fan from my first band ever The Rasmus!!!
For me there songs are meanfull, passion, real live storys, just soooo beautifull and i don't lie if i say
i cry all the time when i hear them, but not because i am sad but because of all the beauty in it!!
I love all band member but i realy admire Lauri Ylönen!! He is for me the best song writter there is...
a person who write something so amazin, must just be a angel!!!
He hide it all in he dark but i can see and feel how sensitive and sweet he is, a person who is caring and lovely!!
with a heart of gold!!! i love those guys for ever and that will never chance...
and one dream, to meet them once and to give them one big hug!!!
A hug where i would cry and be happy at the same time
because than i could let them feel my love, because words can say it all.... it's just to mutch!!!

I love you


your my black butterfly !!!
flying into the sky, so delicate, so sweet, but still so dark inside............

Keeper of Lauri Ylönen, Finland, stars, Northern Lights and The Rasmus
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The Rasmus Fan
The Rasmus Fan

Location : Iserlohn

PostSubject: Re: How did You First get into The Rasmus, and what made u love them?   Thu Jun 25, 2009 4:51 pm

well, my first touch with the rasmus was also in 2001 when i heard f-f-f-falling.
i remember how banned i sat in front of the radio to hear the no. 1 hit of my last favourite band no angels.
but then some rock music came into my ear and i was like "wooow *.* ".
its a pity that it was sooo rare to listen this song in the radio. at least this great band was lost.
2003 and a friend of mine came to me and said: heey! listen to it, it sounds great!
i heard just the high tones of lauri and said "go away with this shit" (omg - today i feel soo sorry :S).
back at home i switched on a music channel and have seen a video with these guys from 2001 just in black: the rasmus!
the same day my dad came back at home with a cd "hey! i found a great cd, dead letters"
i just took this cds into my room and my dad has never got it back from me Very Happy
first i just concentrated on the sound and later at the texts. and my heart really got caught with "time to burn"

ages ago i was the small girl, the nice one... i just did what people want from me. i said what they wanted etc...
i really havent an own identity because others made me the person i was. and then i heard time to burn and
these strong lyrics showed me that i cant go on like this. i really needed others to be alive and this i must have stopped.
and i did. "time to burn" made me break out of myself and get my own personality.
i didnt matter what others wanted from me. i started to do MY stuff, have my OWN opinions... i just got ME.
and here i am ;D
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Location : Holzminden/Germany

PostSubject: Re: How did You First get into The Rasmus, and what made u love them?   Mon Aug 24, 2009 12:57 pm

if have it right understand. so we should tell our story to we would became a tr fan.
the first song, that i heard of them, was "in the shadows". in 2003. i sat in the living room and watched tv.
one of my big sisters was on the computer. and looked by a internet page. called "viva tv".
she looked after sundry music, old and new music. as she done this, have she found the rasmus. listen to them.
and viewed me that. so the musicvideo of "in the shadows" and i was in the seventh sky. because the music and lauri XD.
since this event. am i a fan of tr. and i'm this for my full live. for ever.

and else. with the meaning. how tr for us mean. i think so too. it's eversthing said.
i feel with you.

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Matt's Girl

Location : North Antrim Coast

PostSubject: Re: How did You First get into The Rasmus, and what made u love them?   Mon Aug 24, 2009 1:10 pm

I came home from high school in May 2003 in a foul mood and my mom shouted on me to come and listen to this song so i went up to hear it and it was In The Shadows so i thought wow this is good and i got hooked on them and i have all their albums and the dvd and posters and a lil badge too and i need nw is to see them live and get autographs from each of them and i also put Lauri's nickname LINTU on my left arm 4yrs ago and recently i got the TR logo tattooed on my left shoulder which lately i realised is in the same place as Lauri's Bjork tattoo though which shocked me but i now am happy that these fab Finns are part of my life and they pulled me back in July 2007 after i was going through a horrible break up and i put on Sail Away and it made me think that life is special and i'm glad to still be here and i owe the guys for this but mainly Lauri's soth soothing voice. That is my reason for loving TR.
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Location : New Zealand - where TR haven't been! ):

PostSubject: Re: How did You First get into The Rasmus, and what made u love them?   Fri Jan 08, 2010 3:03 am

Wow you guys! Your stories are pretty amazing! It's amazing what great music and band can do eh? and The Rasmus.... well what more can i say but that they provide all your needs in all happy, sad and dificult situations u land in in life and help you out in the toughest of times! Wink You're the best TR!! cheers I love you
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PostSubject: Re: How did You First get into The Rasmus, and what made u love them?   

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How did You First get into The Rasmus, and what made u love them?
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