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 New Music Video info " Your Forgiveness"

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PostSubject: New Music Video info " Your Forgiveness"   Fri Apr 17, 2009 12:48 am

Thirde single of Black Roses " Your forgiveness"

During the tour and on concert (at Eindhoven) the guys of the rasmus lets us know witch one there thirde single will be! Eero told us that the thirde single of there last newste album Black Roses will be Your forgiveness!

The plot of the video will be very sad, said lauri, It's about a boy and a girl having a fight and this time the girl gets so mad and pierces the stomach of the boy, which ends at the hospital, after all the girl needs to ask the forgiveness of the boys

soucre: Wepke


Your Forgiveness - video shot

During The Rasmus there concert in Wien of April the 3, Lauri told the fans that there shot the video for "Your Forgiveness",the next single from there last new album "Black Roses"! In the shot scenes, Lauri is singing in a completly frozen part of the sea,(i realy didn't know there could freeze just a part of the sea, but suprised again) This scene is recorded at a place near his home.

source of this is: hellofansite

WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I xan't wait to see this video!!! i am going to cry for sure !!!!


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New Music Video info " Your Forgiveness"
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