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 Lintugirl16 known as Suzanne!

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The Rasmus Fan
The Rasmus Fan

Location : The Netherlands

PostSubject: Lintugirl16 known as Suzanne!   Thu Jun 04, 2009 2:40 pm


Name: Suzanne
Nickname: Lintugirl, Suus
Age: 19 Years
Birthday: 6th of April
Location: The Netherlands

Pets: dog
Favorite animal: Crow
Starsign: Aries

Hobbies: The Rasmus, Playing guitar, having my own band, drawing, go out with friends, teaching childeren, The Fanclub.

Things you love: The Rasmus, My adorable sexy and hot boyfriend Richard (A), my dog, my family, my friends.

Things you hate: Cruell people, papparazzi, lying people, barbiedolls, fake music like hip hop, R&B and hardcore etc.

I believe in : reincarnation

Books: Harry Potter, lord of the rings, etc all fantasy story's.

Films: Dancer in the dark, all harry potter movies, lord of the rings and a lot more Razz hehe

Sports: mountainbiking, freestyle snowboarding, swimming and playing heavy metal (A) yeah i think that's a sport to!

Favorite food: lasagne! Very Happy

Favorite Fruits: pineapple!

Favorite dessert: chocolate icecream (A)

Favorite drink: beer xD

Favorite coulour: Black and white

How are you fan, since when: Since 2001

How did you find out about them: i was in Helsinki on vacation with my parents when i heard their single F-F-Falling on the radio in a music store, i buyed their album and never stopped listening !

Favourite album? i just like all the albums!

Favourite song: i just like all the songs, but most songs i listen to is : Justify, Not Like the other girls, still standing, in my life, dead promises.

First single/album/ you bought: Into

Favourite Member: well, i like Lauri cause he's soo sexy xD and i like Pauli because i admire him because of his guitar solo's and riffs, just his guitargame and his sence of humor! and the rest of the guys i admire ofcourse to ^^ Eero and Aki are wonderfull to and i just love all the guys!

Why you love there music so hard: because they aren't some commercial fucking band (something like metallica.... well i liked metallica with the first six albums and then i thought they had become to commercial, their latest album has been a bit better!) i just like their style, and the lyrics does have meanings which i think is very important! so that's it, they are an insparation for me to!! and my band!

what feelings did it gives you: living feelings, living scenes of my life over again, sometimes sad, and sometimes happy!

did you ever cry with them: no i didn't, i'm just not really a person who cries a lot.

Do you like other music bands: hell yes (H) apocalyptica, HIM, Hysterica, Deep purple, pearl jam, manowar, aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Scorpions etc!! Razz

What is one dream you wish come true: Well, to meet the guys of the rasmus ofcourse and have an jamsession with them ^^

Your favorite quote: Live and die for rock and heavy metal with all you heart, which is now mine!! ^^

something you wanne say more : Keep ROCKING!! (H)

Your sites:

You Tube:


and ofcourse you can find me at my sites of the fanclub here:




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Lintugirl16 known as Suzanne!
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