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 HI i'm KleinesZimtZicken the german.

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Location : Holzminden/Germany

PostSubject: HI i'm KleinesZimtZicken the german.   Fri Jun 05, 2009 3:22 pm

Name: Manuela
Nickname: DaemonOfGhost
Age: 17 years old
Birthday: 29 July
Location: Germany

Pets: a bird
Favorite animal: all bird in the world Smile
Starsign: Lion

Hobbies: listen to music (TR), draw, talk with friends, our bird,.....

Things you love? i love The Rasmus, Suomi, finnish rockmusic, family, birds, my homeland.

Things you hate? ganster rap, divas, my classmates and the other at my school, peoples who say TR is stupid or so what,almost vermin.

I believe in ??? daemons, ghosts, monsters, maybe angels.

Books: i don't read so often. but i have books, i like a one and i don't like e book Smile

Films: x-men 1- 4, van helsing,.....

Sports: i hate sport XD

Favorite food: all with tomatoe sauce =D pizza, spagetti, noodles, spinach, food with eggs or with sarco.

Favorite Fruits: i haven't a favorite fruit =)

Favorite dessert: ice cream, chocolate xD

Favorite drink: sprite, fanta, tea.

Favorite colour: black, green, red, purple.

The Rasmus !!!

How are you fan, since when? since 2003

How did you find out about them? my big sister has show me the musicvideo "In the shadows".

Favourite album? i love all album!!!

Favourite song? i love all songs!!!

First single/album/ you bought? Hide from the sun.

Favourite Member? Lauri. but i like the other too.

Why you love there music so hard? i love the rocksound, lauris voice, the songtexts. and lauri has stole my heart.

what feelings did it gives you? a good feeling, the strong rocksound make me strong and i think, i can hit anybody with my soul and words. and the texts....bring all emotions.

did you ever cry with them? i can't cry. my soul cry for me.

Do you like other music bands?? Sturm und drang, Three days grace, Wise guys, Lovex, The 69 eyes, automatic eye

What is one dream you wish come true? on a concert from the rasmus be. away from my stupid school. to see suomi and to live there.

Your favorite quote? Be youself and not the other.

something you wanne say more ??? aahm...yes. The Rasmus are the best band of the world! who say "are they not!" who is stupid!!

Your sites:

i put my other sites a other one okay? my internet time is over for today.
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HI i'm KleinesZimtZicken the german.
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