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 SaraLove Lauri! Hard to guess my name??? :P

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Location : Stockholm, Sweden

PostSubject: SaraLove Lauri! Hard to guess my name??? :P   Sat Jun 06, 2009 1:37 am

I don't know how to load up a picture Embarassed
name: Sara Razz
nickname: Lintu, Rasmus freak, Älskling (It is honey/darling but in Swedish, My littlebrother call me that Smile )
age: ...13 I'm a little bit smaller than you guys I think. I hope that doesn't matter pale
birthday: 11 Juli
location: Stockholm, Sweden

pets: A dog.
favorite animal: Dogs!!

hobbies: Be with friends and Dance cheers

things you love: I love listen to The Rasmus, My friends, My family.

Things you hate: War, evil people...

I believe in: ???

books: Something about murder... Cool

films: Something scary or funny What a Face

sports: Dance

favorite food: I think it's pizza or Chinese food albino

favorite fruits: Apples!

favorite dessert: Ice-cream.

favorite drink: Soda.

favorite colour: Blue and black

The Rasmus

how are you fan, since when: Since February 2008 Embarassed Embarassed

how did you find out about them: I saw the video of Livin' in a world without you and I thought "This is good" Then I bought the Black roses album and then I talked to my dad's friend and he gave me all the CDs. I love them all!!

favorite album: Hellofatester, INTO, Dead letters, Hide from the sun, Black roses. I can't chose one of them. Very Happy

favorite song: Sail away, Rakkauslaulu, Shot and First day of my life

first single/ ambum/ you bought: Black roses

favorite member: I love them all but It has been like I started to like Lauri the most 'cause he's the singer but I know that without the others it can't be a band with good music. So I love them all.

why you love there music so hard: Because it's different they don't have a chosen music stile I think that they do a little bit different from song to song.

what feelings did it gives you: I been happy, and it has been many times that I want to take my life (I don't want to say why) And if a start listen to them I became better and take the knife or blade and lay it back

did you ever cry with them: If something happen, when I heard that Lauri almost died when they recorded Livin* in a world without you I almost cried. Sad

do you like other music bands: I like Kiss a little bit and a Swedish band who is callet EMD.

what is one dream you wish come true: That I and my best friend became stars. (It will never happen but you can always wish)

something you wanne say more: I hope it doesn't matter that I'm young. I'm good for my age. Razz

your sites:
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Location : The Rasmus Land in Lauri's dreamcity

PostSubject: Re: SaraLove Lauri! Hard to guess my name??? :P   Sat Jun 06, 2009 11:05 am

hey dear,

It don't matter how old you are, in a way we all started someday and some of us where a young like you to
i know that for sure!!!

Anyway it was great to know a bit more about you !!! Thanks for getting to know you and sharing !!!
blessings wepke

your my black butterfly !!!
flying into the sky, so delicate, so sweet, but still so dark inside............

Keeper of Lauri Ylönen, Finland, stars, Northern Lights and The Rasmus
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Location : Narnia

PostSubject: Re: SaraLove Lauri! Hard to guess my name??? :P   Thu Jun 18, 2009 10:32 am

That's Cool! I mean.... The Rasmus have fans of all the ages!

Every story has an end, but in life every end is a new beginning
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PostSubject: Re: SaraLove Lauri! Hard to guess my name??? :P   

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SaraLove Lauri! Hard to guess my name??? :P
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