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 The Rasmus live @ Hard Rock Cafe Cologne 5th november 2008

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The Rasmus Fan
The Rasmus Fan

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PostSubject: The Rasmus live @ Hard Rock Cafe Cologne 5th november 2008   Sun Jul 12, 2009 8:34 am

i finished school after my second lesson because i was "ill" so me friend and my friend had been in cologne at 13:30 o'clock. we needed a lot time fo find the hard rock cafe but finally we found it Wink
there were already some fans waiting. just emo-girls :s are all rasmus fans in finland emo-girls too? hm...
then we went in to talk to bianka for our tickets and we decided to buy vup tix. we got them but we had to wait outside so me and my friend sat down directly in the entry until a worker came and asked us "this isn't your earnest" then we had to wait more in front of the cafe Wink

a woman came to us and asked us about our tickets because she was looking for one - she missed to buy it before but we haven't give her ours. this woman was soo strange xD she started phoning to her husband telling where she is and so on. she was nearly crying that she hasn't got a ticket and told his husband that she met us two woth vip tix and i coulnd't be quiet and laughed at her "haha" and then she started to tell me that she'll bring her husband to me that he can seduce me and then i won't realize that she'll steal my ticket xD bah - we hated this woman xD later she wanted me to sing a rasmus song that his husband knows which band she wants to see and his husband wanted me to bring me to a casting show xD sooo strange everything^^

yeah, after some hours we got in the cafe to eat something and all emo-girls were looking at us sooo angry xD "why they can go in and we not?" haha xD but after eating we had to go outside again. there was a very long row of people who had to wait but we didn't need to go back on it so these emo-girls were angy again xD i think they really hated us^^ at least we went in on 19:45. the next stage part we went in was at 20:00 and then at 20:15 and finally we got some chairs in the 4th row!!! it was such a privat athmosphere - i loved it.
but the ordinary age in the vip lounge was 30-35 so we had been the only ones with very good mood - singing along and so on.

then the boys came out o.O
we two standed up and clapped. i had to cry because i missed them so much and then they started playing!!! my friend and i were the only ones in the vip lounge you were singing loud and showed the boys that we love their music. it was nearly awkward when the guys always recognised us by singing their songs soo loud but aki and lauri were always smiling about this. we were the only ones who were singing "yeah yeah yeaahh" before the chorus in first day of my life and the "aha aha..." in the intro of no fear. someone has recorded no fear. you can hear us clearly and you can see how aki is happy about this and he smiles to us - i hope the guys had much fun with us!!!
(we are the bouncing hands above the heads xD)

before the gig i told my friend to record justify because i'll miss to see it because of crying for my great grandma and it really was like this. aki recognised me sitting there crying and just smiled like he wanted to say "don't cry" Wink

yeah and then - - - "is there anyone who wanna sing?" me and my friend started singing "you wanna sing" were still singing along "then come" and we went on stage. it was sooo incredible. i didn't realize these 2 minutes really - just later by seeing the videos about it! lauri asked "what's your name" "sophia" eero "and yours" "vanessa" and they started playing xD eero needed some time to get thecable of his micro right but finally i got his and we sung xD we sometimes had to laugh because it was unbelieveble and at least i was too stupid to say out the last few finnish words wrong but we had our fun - the boys were smiling the whole time - were they laughing abou tus or with us?? hm... then my friend gave lauri back his mocro and i put erro's back in the holder and i saw eero filming this. back on our chairs my friend and i embraced and started crying :'D then they went on their gig until the end!

after the breast cancer org. got a check about 4000€ (it was a benefiz gig) the boys played some more songs. they also played creep by readiohead and eero was singin it xD

and then everything was over Sad
me and my friends oved the stage so we sat there down to wait for the guys and the first who came out was eero. but he looked very stressed fastly so there just was time to get some authographs and photos with him. at least i tried talking to him and asked him if he ad filmed when we had been on stage and he said no but i remembered right and i saw on a video that he filmed it Razz

more later aki came out and directly run through the vip lounge to the people wiht normal tix. i loved this gesture from him Smile later we went to him and took some photos too but after a toolong time so he wanted to go backstage again - again no time to talk to them Sad

we learned to know 2 finns there. we talked a lot together and the woman taught us not so say kippis - rather say hökkele kökkele (don't knowif it's written right Wink ). yeah, we took some photos with them and talked and talked. then we had to go out because they want to clean up the cafe. me and my friend went yround the cafe and waited on the wrong place Sad we passed it when lauri and eero came out and went to the dome Sad again no time to talk with them. then we went through cologne with the hop we could find them but we haven't. at least we had to wait in front of the cafe because my boyfriend will bring us back home - and eero and lauri would have to come back there too, but i think they were faster or they went anywhere else Sad so we waited there and could have seen pauli and aki inside the cafe. but there was no chance to come inside to talk to them. after a while pauli went backstage and only aki stayed there. he was there hand in hand, arm in arm, falling down on the sofa with a female worker of the cafe o.O xD.

finally my boyfriend was there. 15 too early so my friend and i decided to wait these minutes more and it was right x) aki jumped against the glass wall, made some jokes, lifeted his shirt and WANTED US TO DO IT TOO xDD but my boyfriend stood close to me, who knows what i'd have done if not Razz xD then he went back. on 1:30 some workers cam eout and told us that it's unbelieveble that we're waiting so long so they have a present for us which they found by cleaning the rooms backstage. he said it's the scarf of the singer and my friend and i took it (my boyfriend waited int he car) and she realy adores lauri -.- she just said "uuuhh i've lauri scarf" and was happy. but i smelled that it was akis scarf (i knew how he smelled this evening because of the photo Wink ) and we went back home.

when we had been in the car we've seen pauli standing in front of the cafe. my friend wanted to out again to get an authograph but i said that he looks very stressed and tired so i refused her to go out and we just wished him out of the car a good night! then we droe home and the dream was over Sad
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The Rasmus live @ Hard Rock Cafe Cologne 5th november 2008
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