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 Wallpapers at the website !!!!

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PostSubject: Wallpapers at the website !!!!   Thu Jul 30, 2009 1:55 pm

Hello everyone,

at are fanclub website is a new topic opened!!
Under media is also now a place to post some cool wallpapers!!
but ofcourse we can't do this without you all...

So if you have a cool wallpapers and do you wanne share your wallpaper with us and many other???
Well thats great!!

This is what you need to do:

-make a great wallpaper
-post your copyright label on the wallpaper
-send it to us with the title and your label name!!!

and it will be add at are website: here
All wallpapers will be uploaded in one size!!! 1280X1024

Exclamation But only send in the creation where you are the owner from!! Your own creations!!!
Also when you aloud us to post it, people are aloud to use it!!!

Thank you !!!

your my black butterfly !!!
flying into the sky, so delicate, so sweet, but still so dark inside............

Keeper of Lauri Ylönen, Finland, stars, Northern Lights and The Rasmus
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Wallpapers at the website !!!!
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