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 News: Archive Folder 2009

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Location : Narnia

PostSubject: News: Archive Folder 2009   Mon Aug 24, 2009 12:23 pm

Here will be all the old news, if you wanna search any news, you only have to search here Very Happy

Every story has an end, but in life every end is a new beginning
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PostSubject: The Rasmus Older news (02/2009)   Mon Aug 24, 2009 12:32 pm

New photoshoot with Lauri Ylonen

During there viste at Turkey had the lead singer Lauri Ylönen a little photoshoot you can view the photo's in the gallery


New blog at Myspace

Have you heard/seen this one???

It's a video clip our friend made, check it out, hope you like it!



The Rasmus @ Black Roses tour "backstage"

again the boy's suprised us with a new video of there tour
at backstage!!!

-> video



New blog at myspace

Happy Valentines day!!!
Just want to wish Happy Valentines Day to all our friends around the world.
Aki & boys



Belguim The Rasmus Special on radio

On the belgian radio station called "Studio Brussel"
There is a new program called 'Clubside Down'.
It's a program wich is only one week in the year, and they give live concerts in it. AND!!
I guess we are lucky!!!
because, it's the week that The Rasmus is here in belgium!!!!
and yes... they will bring it live!!!!
At 26 februari at 20.00pm Belguim time
the show ill be broadcast alive
just go to here:

you can listen live and view by cam by clicking on 'luister live' almost on top of the page on the left (it's quiet big:))

More info will follow!



The Rasmus new blog at myspace

Russia Dates:
Here are some dates for Russia, finally...
Some more will be added soon!!!

14th Sankt Petersburg,
18th Ekaterinburg,
20th Novosibirsk
28th Moscow

The Rasmus With Scorpion, Alice Cooper...etc.



The R acoustic performance

Acoustic versions from Swedish morning TV show Nyhetsmorgon, Friday January 23, very early the morning after playing in Stockholm, the first gig on 2009 European Tour.

acoustic liawwy
acoustic justify
interview Sweden



your my black butterfly !!!
flying into the sky, so delicate, so sweet, but still so dark inside............

Keeper of Lauri Ylönen, Finland, stars, Northern Lights and The Rasmus
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Location : The Rasmus Land in Lauri's dreamcity

PostSubject: The Rasmus older news (03/2009)   Mon Aug 24, 2009 12:35 pm

Lauri with his new Spanish Guitar!

During The Rasmus there viste in Madrid buy Lauri a new guitar from José Ramirez
Very proud shows Lauri is his guitar and talks a bit about the concert thats going to be there tonight!

The interview is in spannishe but there is been translation been put on!
you can view it here

-> Lauri and his new spannishe guitar



In-Store Signing Sessions & Acoustic Performance

APRIL 8th @ FOPP Manchester
19 Brown Street
M2 1DA Manchester

5.00pm - 5.50pm: signing session

APRIL 9th @ FOPP London
1 Earlham Street
WC2H 9LL London

5.00pm - 5.15pm: The Rasmus acoustic set
5.15pm - 5.30pm: Backyard Babies acoustic set
5.30pm - 6.15pm: Joint signing session



The Rasmus Spelcial on Nudox Radio

Nudox Radio invites everybody to listen the special program about The Rasmus.

Date: March 30
20:00 Hora (Mexican Time).

Enter to

Enjoy a full program about them with News, biography, best music and more...


New blog at myspace: More shows @ Mexico, Chile, Argentina!!!
Here you are:
Apr 24 2009 National Auditorium Mexico City,
Mexico Apr 25 2009 Arena Moterrey Monterrey,
Mexico Apr 26 2009 Foro Expo Guadalajara,
Mexico May 1 2009 Teatro Caupolican Santiago de Chile,
Chile May 3 2009 Luna Park Stadium Buenos Aires, Argentina



The Rasmus @ the Emma Gala 2009

The Rasmus will be at The Emma Gaala on March 14th.
They will performing there,

This is the website for more info.

and with pain in our hearts we have to say the guys' didn't won any emma
but I think I speak for us all when we say:


Video of the emmas:

live performance Justify
Interview with the band drummer Aki
(-> is a finnish interview with Aki, translation is comming up, still working on it)



In The Shadows playing Guitar Hero game Music News

The Rasmus hit In The Shadows has got into Guitar Hero World Tour game. The Rasmus is one of six euro rock bands that are added to Guitar Hero World Tour world-wide music library in March. In March, also published by Icon Queenin band, and guitar legend Jimi Hendrix songs. Guitar Hero World Tour game receives new songs as early as this week on Thursday, when issued three hits the hottest band. The first time is a Finnish The Rasmus hit In the Shadows. "In the Shadows is a tight song that received Guitar Hero World Tour game, we have ylionnellisia. I believe that many people want to rock Pauli Rantasalmen fine guitar accompanying tariff," said Activision Nordic PR manager Janette Cohen Scalie. Guitar Hero game series has sold worldwide 23 million copies. Game Collection of songs have been downloaded more than 37 million.



Metal From Finland Awards 2008: results

The website Metal From Finland has just published the results of Metal From Finland Awards 2008, an online voting where you could vote the best of finnish music in 2008 in 10 categories; here are the results:
Best Finnish Band: The Rasmus at 6° place
Best Finnish Vocalist: Lauri Ylönen at 5° place
Best Finnish Guitarist: Pauli Rantasalmi at 4° place
Best Finnish Drummer: Aki Hakala at 5° place
Best Finnish Bassist: Eero Heinonen at 5° place
Best Finnish album 2008: Black Roses at 3° place

The Rasmus are the only band when all the member are into the top 10 in their own category and also their latest album is in a good place as Best Finnish album.
You can find all the results at this address:


your my black butterfly !!!
flying into the sky, so delicate, so sweet, but still so dark inside............

Keeper of Lauri Ylönen, Finland, stars, Northern Lights and The Rasmus
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Location : The Rasmus Land in Lauri's dreamcity

PostSubject: The Rasmus older news (04/2009) part1   Mon Aug 24, 2009 12:37 pm

The rasmus Interview with The record journal Uk

During their visit in the U.K, had The Rasmus an interview with the people from The Record journal!!!
You can read the interview here:

-> Interview

We also wanted to say a big thank you to the people from The Record Journal for sharing this interview with us and let us aloud to post it onto our website!!!

source: The Record Journal uk



Vote for The Rasmus @ Dome

we can all vote for the rasmus to be in the limited edition of 50 year the Dome too!!
We can't forget our lovely band and their need our support !!!
so vote as mutch you can !!! Just follow this link

and lets hope their will be at the 50 year limited ediotion at 29 may @ the Dome !!!

source: The Dome Germany



The Rasmus Eero in the middle of a flue region

A new kind of swine-flue suspect's position taken up about a thousand humans in Mexico and the United States. According to the authorities, the disease has killed at least 20 people. Influenza to prevent the spread of such. Movie theaters and museums are closed. Prohibitions, but also in Finland The Rasmus-band gig canceled at the Mexican capital. The video was reached by phone the bands bassist Eero Heinonen explained how the flue fear has influenced the band members.

you can view the interview here:

-> Eero about cancel concert in Mexico

( the interview is in finnish but translated by lovexio)



Concert Mexico Canceld!

The Rasmus went to Mexico, but the first concert in mexico city got canceld!! Because there in Mexico City there's some virus and their can't have massive events. The Rasmus cancled there concert in order to think of the healt of their fans and themselfs!!! The other two gigs at: 25/04 Arena Monterrey, Monterrey [MEX] 6/04 Foro Expo, Guadalajara [MEX] are still going to take place, as far we know!!

source: Mary from Mexico



The Rasmus duet with Nightwish: "October in April"

The Rasmus is maybe planning in the atumn to release new stuff.
Their have been working on the music video for their new single "your forgiveness"
thats been produced by Eero but there is no releasing date for set. Also the song thats been recorded with Nightwish (Anette Olzon) and Lauri Ylönen will come out in the atumn!!! The song is very personal to Lauri and the band and will be called

"October in April"


The Northern Rasmus Fans wishs Lauri Ylönen a happy Birthday

There is also been a video made by wepke for his b-day
you can view it here:
-> b-day vid



Lauri and Aki on gotv

This Year Report, The Ramus is back after a three year break!! Their brought out their new album Black Roses this year! After so long of course time been away, they have a lot to tell. In preparation to the upcoming European tour, there's a portrait of the band. A little Interview with aki and Lauri, Thats is realy going relax and there also give us a quick view of there favorite videos at the moment!

here you can see the interviews:

-> gotv part 1

-> gotv part 2

with as playlist:

WeezerPork And Beans
SoundgardenBlack Hole Sun
Guns N' RosesNovember Rain
NirvanaHeart Shaped Box
System Of A DownAerials
Daft PunkAerodynamic
BjörkArmy Of Me
Apocalyptica Ft. Ville Valo & Lauri YlonenBittersweet
NightwishThe Islander
Red Hot Chili PeppersGive It Away
MetallicaBroken, Beat & Scarred
Rasmus, TheJustify
soucre: gotv



New interview Rockoon April 2009

There's been again an interview in the german magazine with The Rasmus.
Here's a quick summary for you:

- They noticed that nowadays the average age of their fan base isn't 13 anymore, but more like 30 and that the people are more interested in their music now and not only their looks.
- They talk about the sound of BR and the contrast between songs like LIAWWY and Live Forever.
- Aki says his favourite song to play live is The Fight because it's very fast and a bit difficult. Lauris favourite is Live Forever cbecause the atmosphere during that song is so different to the rest of the set and very personal to him. He always takes his earplugs out while playing it and it gives him goose bumps how the audience becomes absolutely quiet and just stands there listening.
- They explained that sometimes the girls they take on stage to sing Rakkauslaulu are so nervous that they can't get a single word out, but also that one girl even wanted to do Ufolaulu and they were very surprised that she knew both songs.
- About their future plans: They'll continue touring Europe, do some festivals over the summer and in the fall they'll go to Latin America. Beside they have their 15th anniversary in November and they're planning to release something special then (i. e. the duet with Anette Olzon, a couple of B sides or a special fan package) or even do an extra tour.
- They're already thinking about the next album as well.
- They've got internet on the bus, that's how they keep in touch with their friends and families. Lauri tells that he's "talked" to his son on Skype just before the interview and that he's got his first tooth now.
- Eero recorded the video to Your Forgiveness. The story of the video sticks very close to the lyrics.

Translation: Just.Marina @ The Rasmus forum



More info about the new music video "your forgiveness"

Eero told during a concert a bit more about the music video Your forgiveness. Lauri will be again acting in the video and also between the acting part, you will see Lauri Ylönen singing on a completed part frozen sea!!! This scene is also recorded near Lauri his home.

source: Hellofansite



Lauri Ylönen at an Afterparty

There is a video been posted where we can see The Rasmus, Lauri Ylönen, Aki Hakala and some of his crew members at a party after the gig from the 4th April 2009 "Talstation Gondelbahn Hauser Kaibling, Haus im Ennstal [AU]".

you can view the video here:

-> Afterparty



Exclusive footage of The Rasmus on tour

Now you can see what it is really like being a rockstar! The new The Rasmus Videoplayer lets you follow what the band is doing while touring across Europe.
Watch acoustic performances and exlusive behind-the-scenes footage of the band

You can also view the videos here

source: The Rasmus



The thrid single of black roses will be " your forgiveness "

During their tour the guys told us a bit more about the new single
the new thirdd single from their last album black roses will be " Your forgiveness"!
Also the music video for it is ready!! Eero (the bassist), who produced and recorded this video, is very proud on his works and told us a little bit from it already.

The plot of the video will be very sad, and a bit hard!!! Alot of painfull, cruel things and much blood he said!! but at the end it's all and well, the story is about a boy and a girl having a fight and this time the girl gets so mad and pierces the stomach of the boy!
The boy bleeds hard and it all ends at the hospital, after all the girl needs to ask the forgiveness of the boys, and it and good.


your my black butterfly !!!
flying into the sky, so delicate, so sweet, but still so dark inside............

Keeper of Lauri Ylönen, Finland, stars, Northern Lights and The Rasmus
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Location : The Rasmus Land in Lauri's dreamcity

PostSubject: The Rasmus older news (04/2009) Part 2   Mon Aug 24, 2009 12:39 pm

The Rasmus 15 year Birthday gift 2009

Like you all have seen on the status there, the birthday gift for this year is pick out!

The ideé:
We'll make a The Rasmus photobook with photo's, story's, nice article's, posters, biografie and some writting stuff of you to them... our photo's from concerts, signatures and all that sort of things. All what you wanna add you can!!!

You all can enter for it from 20 May 2009
more info and to enter you can find it here:

-> Enter day gift



Gig Chile (1 May) Canceld!

Also the gig of the 1st May in Chile has been cancelled, as you can read in a note published in the local online newspaper, due to "circumstances beyond our control".

The gig tickets will be reimbursed from tomorrow at the sales points Punto Ticket.

source: Hellofasite



Message from the band concerning the cancellation of the Mexico show

We are very sorry we had to cancel the show in Mexico City, at the Auditorium Nacionales, after the outbreak of swine influenza. There was a kind of panic spread in the city over the last days and our thoughts now go to all people suffering from the effects of this dangerous influenza.
It was also sad on our part, as all preparations had been made to make a great show and we had been waiting for that date for a long time, since we have such an enormous support from the fans in Mexico City.
We are now in Guadalajara and everyone in The Rasmus is well, the shows are going well and we are enjoying the Mexican hospitality.
We also hope that we can make another show in Mexico City later..
Eero Heinonen, basist of The Rasmus

source: The Rasmus



Exclusive competition at the Black Roses Forum

Win a signed copy of Black Roses! All you have to do is create either:
fan-art our a fan-video expressing your love for the guys!

To enter this competion you must sign up to their forum and post them your entry!
This way their team can keep on track.

Log on their forum for more details at

be fast because you don't have much time!!!!



Lauri Ylönen: I'm afraid of drugs

"I'm a very rebellious person", Lauri Johannes Ylönen (30) introduces himself. The lead singer and composer of The Rasmus, the one with the anarchic hair (TN: Whatever that figure! Anyway...) and with a rather dark mood. Lauri takes the call from "Sí!" from his native Finland. Up next, the singer gives an idea about his character. Two minutes of talking is enough for one to realise he isn't what you expect from a cliché rockstar with top sales. Instead, he tries to run away from said cliché, that of the eccentric, stubborn and self destructive star. On the contrary, he's rather shy, humble and ordinary. So sensible... While he tries to predict the future of his band, tries to go against the rebel rock figure.

*In "Shame" and "Myself" you talk about drugs, what's your relationship with them?

L: We've tried some, but I'm afraid of them. I'm a very sensible person, I even feel alcohol confuses me too much. I live on fast speed, no matter what I'm doing, so I don't need an extra dose of anything. That would be a mistake.

*You enjoyed rapping before... Is The Rasmus ever going to change their music style?
L: I think we change, and should change all the time. That's the band's style, actually. At the beginning we used to combine the different sounds we liked, like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers or Nirvana.

*What can we expect from your show next Wednesday?
Lauri talks about how he and his band mates prepare the set list for a show, and pay attention, that's good news:

L: Most of the time we do it based on what our fans ask through My Space. Either way, we have improvised a bit lately and we ask the audience what they would like to hear during the shows, or we check the signs the fans bring with them to the gigs.

He seems to go all shy when talking about Desmond Child, their producer for their album "Black Roses" out last year.

L: He sent me an e-mail saying "I'd like to work with you", and that's funny, because I feel so little next to him... We're just some youngsters from Finland.

soucre: si clarin


your my black butterfly !!!
flying into the sky, so delicate, so sweet, but still so dark inside............

Keeper of Lauri Ylönen, Finland, stars, Northern Lights and The Rasmus
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PostSubject: The Rasmus old news (06/2009)   Mon Nov 09, 2009 4:35 am

MySpace blog from The Rasmus: Thanks Russia !!!

Thanks for the great gigs, great feelings, great memories, great everything!
Hope to come back soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon,

source: The rasmus Myspace blog


More Photos from The Rasmus Monsters Of Rock tour!!

Some new pictures from the gig in Rostov:

-> Gallery

Source: and Lauri Ylönen wordpress


TV report about the Rasmus gig in Krasnoyarsk

A Russian TV channel uploaded a few videos of the "Monsters of Rock"-tour in
Krasnoyarsk !
We found one video, which contains a report of The Rasmus.
You can watch it here:

-> The Rasmus in Krasnoyarsk


also new photos have been add to the gallery from this gig!

-> Photos of TR in Krasnoyarsk

source: moigorod*ru


Gallery update

We added a lot of new photos of The Monsters of Rock Tour to our gallery:

-> Gallery

The older photos of the Monsters of Rock tour moved to the

-> Live Photos
-> Press Photos


New banners and the new "Dynasty Recordings"-topic is ready !

The Northern Rasmus Fan club has new banners !!
You can watch them here: Fanclub banners

Just copy the codes and paste it in your website !

We are also proud to say that our "Dynasty Recordings"-topic is ready now.
You can watch it here: Dynasty Recordings


The Rasmus at Monsters of Rock in Vladivostok

The Finish rock band The Rasmus performed in Vladivostok.
The band has shown once again an amazing gig; the fans were very happy and excited!
You find photo's of the gig in Vladivostok at our gallery:

-> Photos Vladivostok

Source and credits:

We also uploaded a video from the gig.
You can watch it here:

-> Video Vladivostok

Source and credits:


The new co-owner of The Northern Rasmus Fans

Yes, you read correctly ! The Northern Rasmus Fan club is again proud to say that we have a new co-owner. Welcome Vanessa ! She will support us to improve our knowledge of English and some other languages, so we can make the communication between us a little bit easier. She is a very nice girl and you'll get to know her very fast.You will find her at our MySpace page ; she will manage it from now on !
We hope that you all give her a friendly welcome


New MySpace blog from Aki: Day off in Vladivostok.

Hello friends! One of my dreams came true, I'm in Vladivostok. All the day off, if we don't count the press conference and some interviews we did...why I'm calling it a day off then...anyways...Really nice day, so many things to do and see, Beautiful orthodox churches, I visited the Chinese markets, but maybe the coolest thing was the old submarine. We got inside and saw how people have been sleeping there etc. I even went into the tube/pipe (or how do you call it) which is for the torpedo's, but don't tell anybody, i wasn't allowed to do that.
Lauri and Eero and our lovely light engineer Mikko went to scuba dive, they saw interesting underwater life of Vladivostok. Eero got a little sunburned, so if you wonder who is the crab guy on the bass, it's him, believe or not.
Everyone feels very relaxed and ready for the show tomorrow, it's going to be outdoors so let's hope it's not raining! And if it's raining we'll have great fun anyway, right?

Ok, I think I'll put my electric blue Speedos on and go to swim.
Pus och Kram,
Aki "Speedo" Hakala

source: The Rasmus Myspace blog


Pictures of press conference

We uploaded some cool pictures of the press conference in Khabarovsk.
You can view them at our gallery !

-> Photos

Source: 27region


New MySpace blog from Aki: Khabarovsk-Vladivostok-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok

Khabarovsk-Vladivostok flight 6:30AM
This flight is maybe the most awful in my life, the turbulence was so bad, our bags flew so high that they hit the ceiling, Keri Kellys (Alice Coopers guitarist) red wine too and then it was all over me. I was so scared, now I'm bit afraid of the landing...will there be turbulence as heart is still beating like hell and i'm sweating like a pig, as we say in Finland. Ok, let's think about nice things now, I need to get rid of this feeling. We played ultimate rock show in Khabarovsk, had so much fun on the stage, and yes we played 60 min set, jahuuuuuuuu!!! I Want to thank all the people who came to check us out! And made our first visit to Khabarovsk very special, hope to come back soon!
Also we saw some of the city. I went to the river with Lauri and Eero, saw some nice churches, drove dodgem cars, had really nice day! I'm so much looking forward to spend couple of days in Vladivostok, some of our friends from another finnish band (Amorphis) have been there and they said it's beautiful. I have my camera with me so i hope to find something interesting to shoot. Ou shit, time for the landing, everybody seem to be a bit scared, so let's pray for the best and I'll let you know how it was...

Vladivostok-Khabarovsk flight 7:02AM
Our pilot wasn't able to land, we need to fly back to Khabarovsk! Shit! I'll try to sleep...

Khabarovsk-Vladivostok flight 11:50AM
Ok, second try...the sky looks more clear now. Hope we have more luck this time! So far so good...

Khabarovsk, at the hotel 6:00PM
Ah, slept so well, what a tiring day. The second try of landing was successful, thank god. Now it's time to have a "morning" coffee and a little walk outside before the dinner. Tomorrow is a day off too, so if you're from Vladivostok please let me know what should we see in here, thanks. And see you at Avantgard Stadium!!!
Flying is nice, flying is nice, flying is nice.............NOT!


Source: The Rasmus Myspace blog


Novosibirsk gig cancelled!

In Novosibirsk, the stadium “Spartak”, where the rock stars were supposed to have gig the main stage collapsed. As a result the organizers were forced to cancel the concert. The incident most likely happened because of the overweight of light and musical instruments. On the stage was supposed to perform Alice Cooper, Scorpions, The Rasmus and Kingdom Come in their international festival “Monsters of Rock”. For the show have been sold more than 10.000 thousand tickets. To the fans of the rock music the money spent on the tickets will be returned.

Source: “Pravda.Ru” and Lauri Ylönen worldpress


Article with Lauri Ylönen from The Rasmus: "The Scorpions asked us for an autograph!"

Lauri, do you find yourselves monsters?

- We are not monsters, but together with other bands we are becoming a real four-headed beast but very friendly, unpredictable, heavy by the sound, but soft at heart.

They say that real rock-n-roll stars must be crazy? What about you?

- Sometimes I like to commit reckless acts. For example, I can sit in my boat in the middle of the night and sail away from the gulf toward the horizon to any island. Everybody’s sleeping and the sun is shining. In Finland we have the same white nights as in St. Petersburg. This is really beautiful I can sail all night long, not even thinking about time. However this is not that much «how rockers do» - to sail in a boat alone but I can suggest this for all the musicians. It is a great calm for you disordered nerves.

And our bass guitarist Eero Heinonen takes his guitar in the weekend and goes on trains - to «bring joy for people». However he doesn’t refuse from money too. And if he brings home a little «catch», then he receives a scolding from his wife (laughs).

This is not your first time in St. Petersburg. Do you remember the first performances in here?

- Yes, it was in 1997, then we were not that popular and no one knew us. We arrived by an exchange program: Russian bands went to Finland, and we are in St. Petersburg. It was our first performance abroad. I was shocked by your architecture. I have a secret hobby - I collect albums with photos of buildings of cities all over the world. I’ve already bought several albums in St. Petersburg. I was in Hermitage for three times ... and I’ll go once more.

Lauri, have you already acted together with Alice Cooper or Scorpions? Don’t you afraid? They are all in all «senior fellows» ...

- With «Scorpions» we went on stage in Germany. It was very funny - they came to us during the rehearsal and said: «Guys are you The Rasmus? Give us your autograph, our grandchildren asked» I’m not acquainted with Alice Cooper, but I’m his fan for a very long time. I recently read his biography, which he wrote himself. So it is the greatest happiness for me that we will perform together but not only perform and also fly on concerts around Russia in the same private plane.

Don’t you afraid that there will not be a full house? It is crisis in the world and tickets for «Monsters of Rock» are not that cheap ...

- I’ve read somewhere that in spite of any crisis people will always listen to live music and buy flowers. For us musicians as well as for sellers of flowers it sounds very life-asserting. People will still come on a good concert. However the sales of CD’s are dramatically falling and will be falling more and more.

If you perform on «Eurovision», as your compatriots «Lordi», your sales and ratings will instantly grow.

- No, it is not our competition. There are many bands who just wanted to promote themselves using the «Eurovision». We went the other way. At our first gig in Russia were 15 people the next time it was 50 already then a hundred and so on. I believe that talks between people are the «normal» way to success, and it is much more durable than the «Eurovision».
Lubov Rumyantseva.

Source: Vinci


Myspace Blog from The Rasmus: Cancellation / Novosibirsk

As all the fans in Novosibirsk know Monsters of Rock gig was cancelled (not only our show but the whole festival).
We are extremely sorry about it! We feel as bad as you guys. This situation was not in our hands, and it sucks. People who got upset cause of this remember that you're important part of The Rasmus family and we hope to play for you as soon as possibly!!!
Anyway I want to say that we liked your city (and the zoo) very much and we had the best Russian food on this tour in Novosibirsk!
Take care of yourselves,
Aki& the boys

Source: the Rasmus myspace blog


Press-conference in Yekaterinburg

The band has been interviewed before the concert in Yetkaterinburg !
You can view the video here:

-> The Rasmus in press- conference

Source: vinci


Interview with Lauri Ylönen on Russian Radio

Lauri was interviewed by a Russian radio station right before their show in Ekateringburg.
He tells us about how they spent their mornings and free time in Russia, feelings around the tour and much more !!
You can listen to the audio here :

-> Interview with Lauri Ylönen on Russian Radio

Enjoy !!!

Source: The Rasmus Forum


New mypace blog of The Rasmus: On the plane Rostov-Yekaterinburg.

On the plane Rostov-Ekaterinburg. 02:23AM.
We spent couple of nice days in Rostov, did the riverboat trip, went to the market place, enjoyed the nice (very hot) weather, met some fans and friends, and yes also played a gig...It was the second The R show in Rostov, in a sport hall, where people had seats, and if one stand up the security guys asked people to sit down, that was rock'n roll, hehehehe!!! First i felt that our music is never going to work for these people, but after couple of songs i only saw smiling people, I think they enjoyed what they heard. And of course it was good to see some The R fans with finnish flags in the crowd, thanks for the great support!!! All the Scorpions guys came to check us out as well, that was cool.
After the gig we went to see The Scorpions, we had seats on the 4th row, so pretty good places...good old songs like Rock you like a hurricane, Still loving you etc. A real 80's rock show. These guys have been around for ages and they still seemed to like what they're doing! Respect!
Ok, maybe I will try to sleep a little, before we land.

Source: The Rasmus Myspace Blog


Interview with The Rasmus at Rostov

We found a cool interview with the Rasmus about the show, tour, festivals and the bands of the "Monsters of Rock" tour.
Unfortunately the interview is in Russian !
You can view two new photo's here:

-> Gallery



The Rasmus, Lauri And Eero Arriving in Rostov

The Rasmus arrived yesterday in Rostov for a new concert of the Monsters of Rock Tour
Lauri and Eero arrived as first and also give a little interview for the Russian TV. You can view the videos here:

-> Lauri and Eero arrived

-> Lauri and Eero Interview

Translation to find at the info box on the right side of the video !!!

Also some photo's here:

-> Gallery

Source: The Rasmus forum


Some new HD video of the concert in St. Petersburg in Russia

A TV channel from Russia uploaded three new videos in HD of the Rasmus Concert in
St. Petersburg in Russia

-> Living in a worl without you

-> In my Life

-> Ghost of Love

Source: Special thanks to Alex for informing us!


New Myspace blog from Aki: St. Petersburg

hi guys,
I'm enjoying my breakfast coffee and relaxing at the hotel lobby bar in St. Petersburg. The gig yesterday was great, only thing that sucked was that we were able to play only 30 min, but I think we played very well and it was great to see so many The R fans in the audience! From now on we'll play 60 min set, cause now the technical things are (hopefully) solved and we hope that A. Coopers crew will be bit faster with their sound check...We'll see...
After the gig I was watching Alice Cooper. Never saw him on the stage before, THAT was extremely entertaining!
Ok, I think I need to leave now, the hotel restaurant is on fire, and the firemen are asking me to go out, the lobby is full of smoke, whatta????
So, time to head to Rostov...

Source: The Rasmus Myspace Blog


Videos of the first gig of the Monsters of rock tour!!

Yeah the monster of rock tour started yesterday with a big show at St. Petersburg.
Some fans have already uploaded great videos ! It's amazing to see how the boys are rocking once again on stage !!!

-> The Rasmus at St. Petersburg (video 1)

- >The Rasmus at St. Petersburg (video 2)

-> The Rasmus at St. Petersburg (video 3)

-> The Rasmus at St. Petersburg (video 4)

-> The Rasmus at St. Petersburg (video 5)

You can find much more videos on You Tube !


Also some nice photo have been made and you can view them in our gallery

-> The Rasmus Photos from Russia

source: Photos are from Maria and also a thank you to Alex for the link !!!

Take a look it's great!!!


The Rasmus start today on the Monster of Rock Tour!

Today the new Russian Monster of Rock tour starts! The Rasmus will be tougher on tour with The Scorpions and Alice Cooper!! The first concert will be tonight and we can't wait for it all!!! The boys are very excited but also we are to see them again on stage!

more date for this tour are:

14.06.09 Monsters Of Rock (SCC Arena), [RU]
16.06.09 Monsters Of Rock (Stadium), Rostov-on-Don [RU]
18.06.09 Monsters Of Rock (Sport Palace), Yekaterinburg [RU]
20.06.09 Monsters Of Rock (Hippodrome), Novosibirsk [RU]
22.06.09 Monsters Of Rock (Platinum Arena), Khabarovsk [RU]
24.06.09 Monsters Of Rock (Stadium), Krasnoyarsk [RU]
26.06.09 Monsters Of Rock (Hippodrome), Ufa [RU]
28.06.09 Monsters Of Rock (SK Olimpiysky), Moscow [RU]

Have fun for everyone who is going to one of these gigs and i would say take allot of videos and photos for us to see!!!


Lauri Ylönen have once again a new hairstyle

Yes you read it right again Lauri decided to change his hair style once again, but this time very different than where used of him!! Yeah Lauri cut it down!! And it looks beautiful once again!! Different but still cool!! and no matter how he looks the music will not chance and also not the person !!! We love it!!!

you can view photos of it in are gallery.

- > Lauri Ylonen

source: Lauri Ylönen worldpress


Lauri Ylönen Promoting Monsters of Rock tour

Lauri Ylönen is to see in a promotion video for the Monster of Rock tour
The Monsters of rock Tour will be going throw in Russia! The Rasmus will be tougher on stage with the Scorpions and Alice Cooper, giving a amazing show! The guys are very excited and really looking forward of this !!! There really deserve this and will have great memory's to it all!!!

The Video you can see here:

-> Prome Monsters of Rock


A new compilation album in autumn

Aki let us already know that The Rasmus have a special gift for us and planning to bring out a new compilation album this autumn!! With a overview of song from the last 10 years The Rasmus !! Also the duet song with Anette Alzon will be on this disk!!

Well we can't wait !!!!



The Northern Rasmus Fans added a new website!!!

Well from today we have our own metro flog! A page where we upload our photos!

But also you all can comment on them!! The more comments we get the more photos we can upload a day!!! so come one over and take a look and it would be cool of you leave us a nice message!!

-> The Northern Rasmus Fans Metro flog



Myspace blog from Lauri About his skating accident

My skateboard accident.....
I was trying to land a variable flip but instead I landed on my back and my shoulder got badly dislocated. For three hours I was wandering around Helsinki hospitals to fix it. Luckily my old friend Esa is a fast driver and we had good music and Salmiakki in the car. I will be able to do the forthcoming concerts in Russia, though I’m thinking of leaving my skateboard home for my son.

source: The Rasmus Myspace Blog


Lauri injured during skating accident

The planned radio interviews with Lauri & Aki are cancelled today due to Lauri injuring himself and dislocated his shoulder in a skating accident. Aki however did manage to make it to the studio and tell them briefly what happened and also that the Russian tour is going ahead as planned.

Hello from the YleX studio!

We just heard, that Lauri has hurt himself in a skate accident. He is not able to come to interview, but Aki is coming after nine a clock to tell more facts. You can check an interview live from (video stream), and facts from our website. Hope u know some finnsh ..

-Juuso from YleX Aamu

Aki told, that Lauri is quite ok now. But he is on very heavy medication; hard to understand he´s text messages . Glad to hear that they are able to go to a Russian tour… Video from the interview is coming to our website ( ) + there is going to be a short video: we made a “backstage simulator” for Aki. Nasty materiaal on its way to a web!

-Juuso / YleX

source: Black roses Forum



The Rasmus @ sessioes con Alejandro Franco

The Rasmus will be appearing in Sessioes con Alejandro Franco on Sony Entertainment Television Latin America, on Saturday June 20th, 2009.

Don't know whether the program will last an hour or half an hour just yet.

Check the schedule for your country here

source: The Rasmus forum


Will Ghost of Love be the third single?

Lauri and Aki will be visiting numerous radio stations on 08/06 in anticipation of the Monsters of Rock tour kicking off on the 16th June with Alice Cooper and the Scorpions. Below are the times they are expected (GMT +2).

7:20 Voice

8:30 Radio X3M

9:10 Ylex

As well as this Ghost of Love will be the 3rd single released on the radio stations in Finland and you can vote for to be played below.

-> Vote for Ghost of Love

-->> here two videos from the show:

-> Aki Backstage
-> Aki interview

-->> Translation here done by INA!

-> forum

source: The Rasmus Finland


Eero and Pauli @ ( juni 2009)

There is been a interview with Eero and Pauli from The Rasmus at Caravan!
In this interview their is been talk about there new Album Black Roses and much more!! You can read the article here:

-> Eero and Pauli Interview



The Rasmus / Lauri Ylönen in Bluewings

There is been a interview in the magazine Bluewings with The Rasmus lead singer Lauri Ylönen. About there succses after In The Shadows!!!
You can view the interview here:

-> Bluewings

and you can also view the photo's here:

-> The Rasmus Magazine (Gallery)



your my black butterfly !!!
flying into the sky, so delicate, so sweet, but still so dark inside............

Keeper of Lauri Ylönen, Finland, stars, Northern Lights and The Rasmus
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PostSubject: The Rasmus Old News (05/2009)   Mon Nov 09, 2009 4:43 am

The Rasmus / Lauri Ylönen @ Ilatpäivän 7 Kysymystä

There is been a little time ago a interview with the singer of The Rasmus, Lauri Ylönen
The interview recorded for the finish radio " illtapäivän 7 kysymystä our " the 7 issue of the afternoon!! In this interview there is been ask 7 basic questions to Lauri Ylönen
and here:

-> Audio with Lauri Ylönen

you can listen to recent renewals of the artist !!!

Translation: Ari


Again more news about the music video of The Rasmus & Nightwish

"The green background in a clip will be replaced by the city filled with skyscrapers. The basic idea of a clip consists that actors will move on this city changing the environment in the various ways. The release is plannend for August!"

source: Lauri Ylönen worldpress



The Rasmus Birthday gift project 2009, start today

yeah, also this year where making a Birthday gift for The Rasmus!!! the gift that was your idée and also is been pick out by you all!!! And from today 20 may you can all start to work on it, and enter !!! for more info about it you can view here:

-> The Rasmus Birthday gift 2009

-> Myspace blog b-day gift 2009

-> Video You tube

we hope to hear from you all!!!


The Rasmus Myspace blog: gig in Saarbrucken, Germany

Gig in Saarbrucken, Germany confirmed!!!

10.07.09 Halberg Open Air 2009, Saarbrücken [DE].

source: The Rasmus myspace


The new third co-owner of The Northern Rasmus Fans

After long looking and hard talking we finally pick out a new third co-owner!!! The co-owner will be Suzanne Ottenhof !!

she lives in the Netherlands, so close to us, a big The Rasmus Fan and we think she will be a great help for us and the fan club!!! A good friend to you all!!! We hope you all will welcome here very good!!!

We also want to thank to all people, who candidate for the position of a co-owner !


The Rasmus MySpace blog: The Rasmus goes to Russia – with Alice Cooper and Scorpions! and new tour date

The Rasmus will embark on an eight date stadium tour in Russia together with Alice Cooper, Scorpions (co-headline) and Kindom Come. The tour is called MONSTERS OF ROCK and will the bands will play arenas in front of 20.000 - 30.000 people.
The three bands will travel together in a private jet plane, followed by a second old military aircraft carrying the equipment. This is The Rasmus’ fifth tour in Russia, where they have a big following of fans in many cities. "We are very excited about this tour", says The Rasmus’ singer Lauri Ylönen. "We grew up listening to Alice Cooper and Scorpoins, so going on the road with them is a great honor. They have also worked with the legendary Desmond Child, like us, that’s a pretty funny coincidence. The Rasmus music is highly influenced by the 80’s music so we’ll fit in perfectly. I’ve been dreaming of going all the way to Vladivostok one day!"

Monsters of Rock – Russian Tour
Scorpions & Alice Copper (co-headline)
The Rasmus
Kingdom Come
Check the dates from the dates section!!!

New confirmed Tour date: Almaty, Kazakhstan!!!
Date: 30th of May 2009
Country: Kazakhstan
City: Almaty
Venue: Astana Square

source: The Rasmus official myspace


Aki acting in 2001 during the soap "siamin tytöt"

Aki Hakala the drummer of the band The Rasmus have been acting in a finish soap called siamin tytöt in the year 2001, now there are episodes uploaded from this soap so everyone can see how great your drummer is!!!
you can see a little part of episode 6 here:

-> aki in siamin tytöt

and the full soap with episodes you can view here:

-> (finish site)

more info about the soap can you find here:


let's hope some episodes will be uploaded soon
source: piru7298 ( you tube)


New Things have been added to The Rasmus Collection

This month the collection of The Rasmus got bigger.
some things have been removed of the collection and some new things have been added. Things that's been removed are the Black Roses vest, what is a pity.
New things are t-shirts of Justify and some new T-shirt with the logo of The Rasmus currently with gold letters. Also the dynasty merchandises you can buy now and there been some new things added there also.
You can view the new things here:

-> The Rasmus:

-> Dynasty:

( Wepke personally buy already stuff from this site and there really great, save and fast)


More news about duet and sneak peek at the new video from The Rasmus!

Axel Söderlund, A-lite, from Luleå, worked as DoP (director of photography) during the making of the music video. Here he gives Film Arc the inside scoop from the set. The name of the single is still confidential.

Behind the production are the companies: Village Road Film (Umeå) and Helsinki Pump.

Director is Owe Lingvall and Production Coordinator is Mirka Rantanen. The video was shot with a RED-camera. This is the second collaboration between Director Owe Lingvall and the Finnish super group The Rasmus. Owe directed the video for the single ‘Justify’ in 2008.

the set, they told me that ‘Justify’ was their all time favorite amongst their own videos, says Axel.

The Rasmus new video was shot in Helsinki, during one very long day, with a Finnish crew except for Director and DoP. The whole music video was shot against green screen which will be replaced with an empty skyscraper filled city.

- At this stage we cannot give away much details concerning content. But the basic idea is that the artists move through this empty city, changing their surroundings in different ways. But we did a lot of walking. And to achieve this in a studio without having to light enormous areas we bought a treadmill which was modified and painted completely green, it worked like a charm, except for a few stumbles here and there. So if anyone is in need of a green treadmill, you can rent it from Village Road, says a smiling Axel.

The postproduction will be handled in Umeå during the summer and the release will be in August.



The Northern Rasmus fans looking for a new co-owner

hello everyone, maybe you seen it already before, but are fan club is growing everyday!
Wendy and Bianca are working very hard, to talk to you guys, looking for news,
the b-day project and hopefully soon some compitions! It's all hard work but we think it's worth, but because where getting so big and because we wane keep giving you all the right attention you deserve, and the full support to our fanclub and to The Rasmus where going to look for a new third co-owner to help us!! We haven't pick anyone out yet, but where looking already and we will keep you all updated of who the new third
co-owner will be

Message from
The Northern Rasmus Fans
Wendy and Bianca



More news on the single "October in April"

That is what this video shows:

Lauri: "I just shot a music video. We recorded the song with the singer of Nightwish, Anette Olzon. E 'gender ballad, like a ninna-nanna, is something that you could sing to a child, really beautiful and very sentimental. And we shot a beautiful video with"

you can view the video here:
-> interview with Lauri

( you can also view the video on you tube here -> interview with lauri)

source: anette Olzon Italy & Hellofasite



The beautiful Photos hoot Rockoon

The beautiful photo's from The Rasmus their photo shoot for Rockoon
are now for everyone to view!! I love those phot's, they're gorgeous !!!
And also we have them to show them to you all...
you can view them in the Gallery

source: Venja art



Dynasty Recordings signed Helsinki based dark-pop band Iconcrash. In the beginning there was one man. Jaani Peuhu, already a seasoned rock music professional at a pretty young age, wanted to do exactly what he wanted, without having to plead anybody else except himself. So he wrote a number of songs that sounded more like the music he was hearing in his head than the sound of any of his prior bands. These songs became Nude, the first Iconcrash album, that was released in spring 2005. Jaani had written, produced and performed much of the record himself. Although there were also several guest musicians involved, it was basically his solo album. Iconcrash are now finished with their second album called Enochian Devices after 14 month sessions at Dynasty Recording studios and Sonic Pump Studios. The first single Strange, Strange Dark Star with the video directed by Owe Linwall (The Rasmus, Amorphis, Nordman, Sturm Und Drang etc) is in your reach now and the album release date will be announced later on. You can check out the video here: You Tube

source: Dynasty recordings


Interview with Aki in Argentina on Terra TV

There is a new interview what has been posted terra TV.
This Interview with Aki from The Rasmus is been recorded in Argentina on 29.04.09.
you can view it here:

-> Interview tv part 1
-> Interview tv part 2
-> Interview tv part 3

-> part show with liawwy

soucre: Terre Tv


The article in the Finnish press about Lauri being sick is incorrect!

There has been an article posted in the Finnish press about Lauri Ylönen been very sick and been into hospital!! The Band drummer Aki let already know in the finnish media that it's not true!! Lauri has been going to hospital just for a checkup but he is fine and home. Only a bit tired, after the tour!!!



The Northern Rasmus Fans wishes Pauli Rantasalmi a happy Birthday

Also Wepke made a video for the best wishes

you can view the video here:

-> B-day video Pauli


your my black butterfly !!!
flying into the sky, so delicate, so sweet, but still so dark inside............

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PostSubject: old news (07-08/2009)   Sun Dec 13, 2009 10:45 pm

Interview with Eero @ hungarian Rasmus World

- Hi Eero , how do you feel here in Debrecen ? Did you like this city ?

Eero : Yes, the city is beautiful , we looked round a little bit , but we filled a little time in Budapest .

- Did you eat a some kind of Hungarian specialty?

Eero : Yes, very delicate is the Hungarian foods , we tried the goulash , and we ate some fish.

- Would you say something about the new album?

Eero : I may reveal nothing, so I can’t say very much yet , but the album will be very good . It will be similar of the previous album.

- Does Desmond Child help you with this album?

Eero :
No , we do not work already together .

- You had been to the country with your family already , and are you now only with the gang in the course of the tours ?

Eero : I have to say it , I was not yet . For me this country too closed , too " official " . I did not come because of this yet here to be on holiday .

- I see. I was audible so , you do yoga . What kind of kind you make yoga ?

Eero : Yes, the yoga daily thing in my life . I do Sahaya yoga . Calms , relaxed me totally , I sit down repeatedly daily . Mentally and physically refreshes .

- Yes, I know this , I do yoga, too.

Eero : Really? And you which kind of yoga you do?

- Hatha yoga.

Eero : Whoo, yes, I know it . The mental relaxed is very important meanwhile.

Source: Hungarianrasmusworld

Translation done by: Guardian Angel

The New The rasmus Collection album "Best of 2001-2009"

The new collection album, "Best of 2001-2009" will be out in the month Novermber!! Their is still no clear date, our cover for us to see! Lets hope that next month our guys( The rasmus) brings us more news and also some new tour dates!!

you can already preorder the collection on this website and from there it's avaible from 4th November!!!
source: Lauri Ylönen wordpress


Deadline of the Rasmus Birthday gift is changed !!!


After some people realized that their time was running out to send in their material for the Birthday Gift 2009, they asked if their could send it in later!

For them we decided to take your stuff still during the next month.
So the deadline is now END OF SEPTEMBER!!!

Photos of The Rasmus at Gijon

We can view some amazing photos that have been uploaded by ilmojensankari
The photos are from The Rasmus their last concert in Spain Gijon!!
You should really check them out !!!

- Photos
source and ©️ to: ilmojensankari


Happy Name-day to Lauri !!!

Today Finns celebrate Lauri his Name day! So let's wish him all a great day...

Lauri Happy Name-day !!!



The Black of Roses tour is ended!!!

The Rasmus their last performance for the black roses tour was at 29th of July in plaza De Toros Gijon in Spain!! now the guy are back home having a short break and working on some new material for us!! The guys promised us during the year some great things like the new music video of "your forgiveness", the duet with Annette Olzon, "October in April ", the 15th anniversary, with a Compilation album and maybe a brand new live DVD with material of their last tour and comments of the fans!!! Hopeful there will also be allot of new events where the guys will be present at and of course where all looking forward of a anniversary tour!!

So allot new things to be waiting for ...............


Last Autumn photo session

Here are fast some photos of The Rasmus from last autumn.
Pictures were taken on 22nd October in 2008, but not yet showed to the fans until now. You can view them in our gallery
-> Photos autumn 2008

source: Ghost of Love

Vote for The Rasmus at the TMF awards Belguim

the pre-selection for the Belgium TMF awards have started and you can vote to!!!
Vote for The Rasmus at:

Best Male Artist
Best Video
Best Album
Best Rock
Best Live

fill in the forum and your vote is registered !!!!
->> could be that the voting is only for people from Belguim!!!

you all can vote here:

source: The Northern Rasmus Fans


Interview with Lauri and Aki in Hungary
Tölgyi Kriszta made an interview at the Campus festival with the singer Lauri Ylönen and drummer Aki Hakala.


In their childhood everyone is dreaming about growing up and being a rock star. You made it. You’ve imagined it like this?

AKI: When I was small my biggest dream was to once become a hero firefighter. But as you can see I’m pretty small. Physically i wasn’t good for it, so they didn’t accepted me. My second dream was to play drums, and luckily this went good.

LAURI: What concerns me, i wanted to become a rock star when i was younger, but not a singer. I didn’t fancied at all my voice, so i haven’t even thought about it. I still remember how it was when first i had to listen to myself from cassette. It was weird and i didn’t liked it at all. But i think most people are in the same situation. It’s like you wouldn’t listen to your own voice, but someone else’s. My sister was who told me to sing. She liked my singing and said it’s worth making it better. I’m grateful to her for this.

And when came the moment when even you yourself believed that your voice is good?

LAURI: Well, … I’m still waiting for that. (laugh)

Since the secondary school you play together, and the time spent together is longer than some of the marriages today. Other bands would maybe be interested, how you do it…

AKI: We are not just simply friends, but more like brothers. If someone for example would need some peace, then we let him to go to a peaceful place and have some rest. There is a strong relation between us, we respect each other. And i think this makes the job done.
LAURI: Yes, that’s what i wanted to say.
You have defined The Rasmus’ style as death pop, meaning pop music which is dead. For those who are not real fans of you, would you explain what does this exactly means?
LAURI: This is just a funny word we have made up. It seems that all the bands need a category where they would fit in. We were asked all the time to sum up in 2 words what kind of music we play. But this was almost impossible to do, because we have many influences on us. Most of them from the end of the ’80s and the beginning of ’90s since we grew up listening to them, and founded our first band then. Most of the rock bands from then are live legends even today. But sure we had influences of more modern music too like Muse or even hip-hop artists. So, everything of these is in The Rasmus’ songs, but we don’t have strict rules what we can do and what not. We’ve tried a lot of things of those we like. And we would like to do this in the future too. We are the bosses. We decide and hope, that the fans would also like the new things.
Would like tell me some stuff about your cooperation with Desmond Child producer? If i know right you have made an exciting thing based on a book for movie-makers.
LAURI: Yes, this is true. Desmond Child is a living legend. He have worked together with celebrities like Aerosmith, Alice Cooper and Bon Jovi and a lot more, who i worship since i was a kid. We had the chance to partially make with him Black Roses. I lived with him for 2-3 months in the USA, in Nashville, and we started a really ambitious plan. Really we used a book which was made for directors of movies. The authors explained based on Star Wars and E.T. how a really good movie should be built. We took this as a base for our album too. We made up a basic story and wrote all of the songs like they would fit together. Like each of them would be part of the same story. It happened that we argued for hours long on some lyrics, to be perfect. Most of the idea of this working plan was Desmond Child’s. I’m grateful, that i could work with him and i feel that since then i can write more exciting music.
In Debrecen, at the Campus festival there were a lot of fans waiting for you hours long before the gig, in front of the hotel and around the stage. Isn’t this tiring sometimes? (she means that fans go to the hotel/airport/backstage and stuff to meet them)
LAURI: No, exactly the opposite. It’s an amazing feeling that already at the airport we meet people who particularly come to see us even if only for a moment. Those most desperate even wait 10-12 hours for us. This makes me think that once it will the time come when they won’t be curious of us.
Is this a real fear? Are you really afraid of this?

LAURI: Yes, this is together with all the stuff. Who knows what will be in 10-15 years. You know, we have just ended a 8-station tour with Alice Cooper and Scorpions. These guys are not today’s chicks. They are above 60, so they are twice as old as we are, but they still rock. It’s unbelievable to see them and i just hope that we will be able to do the same thing they achieved.
Translation: Reka
source: Lauri Ylönen wordpress


More Photos from The Rasmus at Twin City Festival

we uploaded more photos from The Rasmus at Twin City Festival
you can view them at are gallery

-> Photos Twin City Festival

source: Twin City Festival


Photos from The Rasmus at Twin City Festival

Here are some amazing photos of the guy at their performance at Twin City festival

-> photos Twin Cite Festival

A big thank you to Kingus who allow us to post her pictures!!!
Please ask first her permission if you want to use our repost her pictures!!

source: Kingus Myspace

Photos of The Rasmus at Qstock Festival 'Oulu'

Here are some photos of the Qstock festival in Oulu:
-> Photos Qstock
A big thank you to Kingus who allow us to post her pictures!!!
Please ask first her permission if you want to use our repost her pictures!!

source: Kingus Myspace

More photos of Qstock here:

-> Photos Qstock

Copyrights to Petteri Löppönen

More photo's of Campus Festival (hu)

Here are more photos that are been taking at Campus Festival:

-> Photos Campus Festival

Thanks to Alee to let us know about this info!!!
source: dangerouskind.wordpress and Flickr: Akiholic Girl


Fan club newsletters

As some of you have seen their where no newsletters send at the month July!
Because it's summer time and many have now their holidays!!!
The edition July will be together with the august edition!!
So at 27 of august you all ( who is registered) will receive a newsletter as normal!!!

Videos of The Rasmus at Gijon 2009 (esp)
here are already some videos of the Rasmus their last gig before their short break!

-> The Rasmus at Gijon with in the shadows and guilty
source: nomejodasenelsuelo's

-> The Rasmus at Gijon with guilty

source: CherryDarling788's

-> The Rasmus at Gijon with Besame mucho

source: you tube channel

-> The Rasmus at Gijon with first day of my live
-> The Rasmus at Gijon with the intro
( this two videos are from less quality)
source: katherine1305's


Videos of The Rasmus at Qstock festival 2009

Here are some videos with live images of The Rasmus during their
performance at Qstock festival

-> The Rasmus At Qstock with liawwy
-> The Rasmus At Qstock with ghost of love
-> The Rasmus At Qstock with liquid
-> The Rasmus At Qstock with Immortal
-> The Rasmus at Qstock with Playboys
-> The Rasmus At Qstock with in the shadows
-> The Rasmus At Qstock with Sail away
-> The Rasmus At Qstock with .....

source:a big thank you to Featherstar for uploading these videos

-> The Rasmus at Qstock with no fear
-> The Rasmus at Qstock with f-f-f-faling
-> The Rasmus at Qstock with....
source: a big thank you to qSTOned662 for uploading these videos


Videos from Twin City Festival (24/07/09 !!!

Some videos have been uploaded from twin city festival in Finland !!
Take a look at them because the guys are great and rocking!!

-> The Rasmus at Twin Festival with liawwy
-> The Rasmus at Twin Festival with ten black roses
-> The Rasmus at Twin Festival with justify
-> The Rasmus at Twin Festival with f-f-f-faling
-> The Rasmus at Twin Festival with Liquid
-> The Rasmus at Twin Festival with Chill
-> The Rasmus at Twin Festival with Not like the other girls
-> The Rasmus At Twin Festival with Guilty
-> The Rasmus At Twin Festival with Sail Away
-> The Rasmus at Twin Festival with....

source: a big thank you to featherstar for uploading these videos


New Backstage Videos
There have been new backstage videos uploaded!!
take a look here:
-> The Rasmus Backstage at Saarbr. ( July 10)
-> The Rasmus Backstage at Khaba3. (July 10)
-> The Rasmus Backstage Lauri fishing. (July 25)

more backstage videos can you view here!
-> Backstage videos of The Rasmus


Little gallery update!!
We have just been updating the gallery from our website!
With new photos from festivals!
More photos will been add soon!!
So take a look here:

-> Gallery

Maybe some of this photos you have and maybe you have some
we don't but feel free to share them with us and
we will upload them with your name and link to your site!

you can contact us here:


Interviews with the Rasmus at Campus festival

there are three videos to see with interviews made during the
campus festival!!! And one video from the sign session!!
take a look here:
-> Lauri and Aki interview
-> Pauli and Eero interview
-> sign session

source: Duna Tv Elo


Happy Birthday to Wendy

Today Wendy has her Birthday and that we will celebrate !!!
We wish her all a great day with much joy !!!


Special broadcast from Campus festival

The .HU radio's " FM90 FRISS RADIO , RADIOFM95 AND [FESZTIVÁL RÁDIO] " will be broadcast "CAMPUS FESZTIVAL" live on the radio, including the gig of The Rasmus!!
We can all follow it live with live streaming here:

u can see the program here

source: thank you to Alexander !!!

Interview with Lauri Ylönen and Eero Heinonen
During The Rasmus their last tour ( Monsters of Rock) in Russia had Eero and Lauri been interviewed for the Russian TV "Muztv"!! Their talk about their previous albums and what the meaning or the story behind it all is!! It's a sort of a dairy from the band! to hear more about it all you can view the interview here:
-> Interview with Lauri and Eero

source: You Tube Muztv

Interview from The Rasmus @ Halberg Open Air 2009

Lauri and Eero gave an interview at Halberg Open Air in Saarbrucken - 10th July 2009.
They talk about very interesting things, like a new album or tour...
have a look for it!!!

-> Interview (by hellofansite)

source: German radio 103.7


Photos from The Rasmus @ Halberg Open Air 2009

we have uploaded already the first photos from The Rasmus their first festival from this year at Halberg Open Air 2009 Germany!! You can view the photos at are gallery
-> The rasmus at Halberg Open Air 2009!


Halberg open air festival with The Rasmus
The Rasmus will start at 10 July with festivals!
Their first festival will be in Germany the "Halberg open air festival"!!
The band will be on stage around 20.00pm
more info about this all you van find here:
-> Halberg open air 2009

Live broadcasting from the "Halberg Open Air 2009 festival"

The German radio channel "103.7 unserding" will be broadcast "Halberg Open Air 2009" live on the radio, including the gig of The Rasmus!! We can all follow it live with live streaming here:

-> the live stream

source: The Rasmus Forum

Iltalheti Article on the duet with Lauri Ylönen (The Rasmus) and Anette

The Article is basically a bit more about the duet between our boys and Anette Olzon
for the songs 'October in April'...

This is a bit the translation of it:

- The duet will be on the new autumn compilation release that Aki has previously mentioned.
- Lauri says he got on really well with Anette when there were filming the music video
- Anette pretty much says: The Rasmus is a great band and this duet song is absolutely brilliant... and she hopes someday she'll be able to perform the song live with the band.

source: the article is from Iltalheti and mention by black roses forum

The Rasmus Special
There will be at 23rd July a broadcast on the Mexico radio of The Rasmus Special
around 7 :00 PM "México time" ( with Europe it can be a different from 7 hours, depended in which part of Europe you live !!!)

we can all listen like to the
here at their website:


source: Rasmus Mexico - Puebla


Happy Birthday to Bianca

Today is one of our owners her birthday and of course we don't forget that!!
We wanted to wish her a great day and many good things in live!!!

Happy Birthday from The Northern Rasmus Fans !!!


Photos and videos of Monster of Rock tour last concert in Moscow

-> Photos

-> Videos: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
source: uploaded by The Rasmus fans !!

Lauri Ylönen on stage together with Alice Cooper and The Scorpoins

At the last concert night from the Monsters of Rock tour, was Lauri Ylönen, and Alice Cooper invited by the Scorpions to come on stage to sing " Rock you like a hurricane"
you can watch the video here:

-> Rock you like a hurrucane

and here some photos

-> photos

source: Lauri Ylönen wordpress


your my black butterfly !!!
flying into the sky, so delicate, so sweet, but still so dark inside............

Keeper of Lauri Ylönen, Finland, stars, Northern Lights and The Rasmus
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PostSubject: Re: News: Archive Folder 2009   Thu Feb 04, 2010 12:05 pm

The Rasmus in the rock top 100

Yeah, every year in Belgium there is the history list of ” the rock top 100”

and also The Rasmus stand in this top!! With their famous song,” in The shadows”

they stand on number 60!!

“In the shadows” is the biggest hit from the Rasmus and also one of the most played song in Belgium and you can hear it almost every day on are radios!!!

The Rock top 100 is still running , so let’s hope the Rasmus will show up once again!!

Source: Q-music and The Northern Rasmus Fans


More Than 10.000 views

Yeah we're glad that we can say that our website got more than 10.000 views!!
This is a great news and also soon we will become 1 year old!!!

We wanna say thanks to everyone who visited our website and for the support we got from you and the support you've given The Rasmus!!

Also a big thank you for all your lovely comments in our guestbook!!
We are really appreciating it!!!

***so a big THANK YOU to you all !!!***


The Northern Rasmus Fans wishes Aki Hakala a happy Birthday

Also Wepke made a video for the best wishes

you can view the video here:

-> B-day video Aki


Finaly is the limited editon for sale!!

yess finaly we all can buy the limited edition of the rasmus best of album
with the 32- pages book!!

Best of 2001-2009 -limited book edition
Label: Playground
for 22.90 euro ( + shippings cost from 2.90 euro)

You can buy it here:

--> at this website are only a limited number of copy's to buy!!

Also a big thank you to Mika from free record shop X to share this news with us!!

source: Free record shop X and The Northern Rasmus Fans


New myspace blog: The Rasmus goes back to school...

The Rasmus celebrates their 15th anniversary by playing a gig in the gym hall of Suutarila school in Helsinki. The venue is the same where the band first started their career in 1994 in the school’s Christmas Party.....

Because of the limited capacity of the venue, the event is for invited guests only. The audience consists of a group of old class mates of The Rasmus members, some of the present pupils of Suutarila school and the winners of a special contest run by Irc-Galleria. Irc-Galleria will also broadcast the whole concert as a live stream world wide. Viewing the stream does not require registration to the service.....

IRC-Galleria is one of the largest social networking websites in Finland with over 800 000 weekly users. ....

The event is implemented together with Sulake (the administrative corporation of IRC-Galleria) and Mikkeli University Of Applied Sciences. The multi-camera production is provided by Mikpolis Oy.

source: The Rasmus myspace (blog)


The Rasmus surprise gig at school! (

The Rasmus is celebrating its 15-year career anniversary concerts, which will be held Suutarila secondary school gymnastics hall on Monday 23 November. Rasmus-history's first show was consulted in 1994 in that same school's Christmas party.

.."I invented it. Now comes the 15 years we ekasta gig there, gymnastics room sweat sock smell ", says Lauri Ylönen rhythm.

"I think it is a good idea to go back there and play the gig to go to this moment for students and invited guests. It would also be nice to ask the site types that were then in the first keikallakin participate," Lauri continues.

During all the school - especially guys - just did not think kindly of how the band was popular with girls. Yet, it was important to their place of evidence...

.."It was a sense the first time that each of us a more assertive half got up. It was perhaps surprising to many people who knew me just read in the presentation with excitement. "

"It admits that we were not their own songs in our Kummelin He-man song-shade. It pulled for some reason, a lot better than our own Myself song. We also played Nirvana's Polly gig ... it was the kind of alphabet soup, " Ylönen laughs and wonders out loud, wondering if Kummeli-song could pull this time.

"Yes, that is Diamond, but should probably ask what the other band of this idea say. Overall, the gymnastics hall returning to the same positive feeling. We do not go there with the explosives, but just the same style as the case sometimes. "

Ii>I began looking online and thought of what we could do. In the end it became clear that it should be online. I was excited for this and though someone my age would be curious to know what the teachers may think. (very rough translation here)....

Gig live on the Internet is seen as

Lauri, I regret that the first ever gig clothes have been somewhere along the way in 15 years. In a way, they would have been funny BUSK.

.."Hard to remember what was just then on, but the grunge phase was temmannut us all with him. Was also a colorful hair and a shirt box. Annoying when I have thrown the legendary shirts off sometimes. Now it is time to put on the end of mageeta consumed in the shirt box, ".. Lauri carved eagerly waiting for the future.

On-site access to celebrate the school's current students Suutarila, The Rasmus members of the former school friends as well as IRC-Galleria in November the winners. Others can share the gig atmosphere of IRC-Galleria The Rasmus-themed communities in which gig is visible in real time. Stuff with other fans can chat.

The mere transmission of the following is possible, even without registering.

Guest gig in cooperation with IRC-Galleria maintain the fuse and the Mikkeli Polytechnic. Multi-camera production to take Mikpolis Oy

You can read the orginal article here:
source: Black Roses Forum (myspace)


New layouts

The time is there for a new album and there also belongs a new layout with!
The Rasmus have made a new layout for their website and myspace!!

but also are fanclub is been busy changing already some things like are
website, myspace and you tube!!

so go and check it all out!!!


October and April

The new music video of the rasmus is from today to view on the communtiy website
and onto you tube!! So for those who haven't got the change to view the video at the communtiy, can view it here

source: The Rasmus, communtiy site and andii you tube page


The limited edition of "the best of"

The Best of Edition is actually the Best of CD + a book with 32 page’s that will have pictures with the guys that they took in 10 years.

Only sad thing is that this edition is limitated.

The release date is 23 November

you can see the cover better on the playground music site here

source: Playground Music and Lauri Ylönen wordpress


Video premier of October and April

The video premier of October & April will be available on the black roses Community site Tomorrow 22.10.2009 at 18.00 (6PM).

source: The Communtiy site


The Rasmus singer, Lauri Ylönen interview by Rytmi

Next steps:

“We don’t have a certain timetable for our plans, it’s going under own weights. In a way it’s fascinating that the last record was a maxima scale and brought to the American big world and a lot of money. Now, if we would make the disc it would be a bit the other end.” says Lauri Ylönen.
“Maybe the album had some high expectations, as it would have cost a million, and then it should have been sold in a certain extent too” he continued.

Making their previous album was still a lesson to learn.

“The previous album had a good record and the time we had on it was necessary to do so. With Desmond working, one can learn a lot but i can not say that we took the most out of it.” Ylönen sums up.

Lauri and Pauli Rantasalmi are both working in a parallel way: Lauri in Finland and Pauli in Singapore, making demos during the summer.

“We’ve been all on our own and working on new stuff. I’m going to Singapore to Pauli and certainly make some sound-recordings during the autumn.” Lauri points out.
The more spice it gives to the situation that The Rasmus is not currently signed with any recording company.
“In a way i can think even that way that now we start from the beginning. The Playground contract expired and we don’t know anything about the future. It might happen that we’ll continue being signed there, or just somewhere else.”
“This is a nice feeling, that seemingly a particular task is completed and we can now again start doing things from a scratch.
The things have changed even with the big record companies and now even the smallest can succeed.
Indeed we also have a company, so nothing is excluded. Should take a look at it.” Lauri thinks peacefully.

Big thank you to Oana for finding this article on the site of Rytmi
and to the Fansite Ghost of Love (Reka) for the translation!

Translation: Ghost of love (Reka)
Source: Oana (lauri Ylönen wordpress)

Original Article from Rytmi


October and April Cover

you can view here and in are gallery the official cover of the new duet song
October and April !! The release for the single is 11 November and the video for the duet will be out on 23 October. The radio release was already done and also at the rasmus myspace you can already listen to the duet song!!

source: Lauri Ylönen wordpress


a few new promotion photos

a little time ago we already showed you, two new promotion photos from the new comming album, best of 2001-2009 and now we have a few more to show you all!!

you can watch them in are gallery here

source: Lauri Ylönen wordpress


New Myspace blog from The Rasmus:
New single out now at myspace and the best of collection !!

On November 25th, The Rasmus will release “Best of 2001-2009”, a compilation of all the hit songs from their four latest albums, including the million-selling “In The Shadows”, most of the singles and a few rarities.

The Rasmus’ new single “October & April”, a duet between Lauri and Anette Olzon from Nightwish, is due for release November 11th. The single have been sent to radios and the video premieres on October 23rd. The song can be listened at the bands MySpace profile.

Says Lauri: "We felt it was time to sum up these past ten years. Eero said, let's call the album "This is how I spent my twenties"... No matter how stupid it sounded that is pretty much the truth. We went on this crazy rollercoaster ride, it has been an amazing time. We have travelled to more than 60 countries, from ..India.. to ..Siberia.., met thousands of fans all over the world and enthusiastic people working with our records. And when I look back on these last four records I feel very proud of them. We decided to include most of the singles to the album with a couple of our favorite album tracks, and the new song October & April.”

The Rasmus: Best of 2001-2009 track-listing:

1. In The Shadows

2. No fear

3. Guilty (US mix)

4. October & April (featuring Anette Olzon)

5. First Day Of My Life

6. Livin’ In A World Without You

7. F-F-F-Falling

8. Chill

9. Immortal

10. Justify

11. Shot

12. Funeral Song

13. Ghost of Love

14. Open My Eyes (acoustic version)

15. In My Life

16. Ten Black Roses

17. Sail Away

The collection will be released as a digipak and as a limited edition with a 32-page book!

source: The Rasmus Myspace


Lauri and aki had a interview at voice: This is The Rasmus future

The Rasmus Lauri singer and drummer Aki told that in future, they are not necessarily intended to be used at all outside the studios.

The band is preparing for the November release of the disc collection taking place, but over the years has already had time to recording new songs with owned Dynasty Studios in Helsinki.
Lauri says that the band's future, it seems that the next record might be based on these studio recordings, because they have been forced to sad the fact that the demo versions of the energy is lost through studio working.

Now the band has a good recording equipment so that they can record training by versions of the songs, which may form the band's next album.

Lauri showing also the possibility to opt out of all the albums release, the continuous fall in sales volumes. He wonders whether the publication of The Rasmus always one song at a time, as individual albums songs work better internet world.
See Lauri and Aki's thoughts below.

-> Interview Lauri and Aki

Translation: done for The Northern Rasmus Fans by Miska

source: The and international forum


Lauri Ylönen talking other languages

Lauri Ylönen talked before at his interview at then finnish radio some other languages!!
he talks Spannish, German, Italian, French, but he didn't wanted to try to speak some dutch "hehe"
to difficult but he loves the people here also very hard!!! this is a short video but worth to see. so take a look here:

-> Vieras hississä: Lauri Ylönen

source: International forum by Euler and


New release dates for the Best of The Rasmus 2001-2009!

Time to share some news with you!
We got Emails from Playground Music with great things for you to know:
The Rasmus' Best Of album will be available

- in Finland at 25rd November


- in Germany probably on 27th November (released by Universal)

About the international release date we don't know for sure, but it must be around
the other two

We want to say biiig thanks to Playground Music,
especially to Maria, to reponse our questions

Playground Music


Lauri on YleX and Yle X3MToday Lauri gave an interview on Yle and talked a about veeeeery interesting

Lauri Ylönen had today a interview at the Finnish radio channel Ylex to promte their new comming album " The Best of The rasmus 2001-2009 and the new duet song " October and April!!
- He was talking about the Live DVD,that all the material was taken by Eero from backstage and gig’s

-He said that October & April is the same as the song Don’t shut the door (an old The Rasmus song) and that the idea came to his mind about 12 years ago,he asked first Tarja to sing with him the duet but she said no and after that he ask Anette and she said yes, she is also a The Rasmus fan too

-The video for October & April is almost ready for being released

-On radio X3M he was aksed which was the last gig that he has been to and he answered that the last gig was on 3.10 at the PMMP with his son

Translation: Reka

From that interview are also Photos available!!!

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6

For watching a bit on the interview just click here.
This video was taken by Yle X3M.

If you want to listen to the interview, go here and listen to the latest things
Lauri has to tell you

source: Lauri Ylönen Wordpress


New promotional photos of The Rasmus

Thanks to the lauri Ylönen wordpress we can share with you all some nice promotional photos of The Rasmus!!! so take a look because they look amazing!!!

Special thanks to the Lauri Ylönen wordpress to share those photos with us!! if you wane upload them onto your website than don't forget to ask her first !!!

source: Lauri Ylönen Wordpress


Lauri Ylönen at Ylex Aamu on Friday

On Friday 9.10 YleX will lauri play for the first time the long waited single October & April.

The digitally single will be published on 11.11
October & April will appear at the end of November also on a compilation disc.

Translation: Reka Don’t forget to credit !!!

source: Lauri Ylönen wordpress


"October in April" song !!!

Finaly we can all listen to The Rasmus their duet song with nightwish singer Anette.
Their is still no official music video out for the song "October in April" but we can all listen to it already here !!!

source: TonyKorolen's


German release date for the duet with Anette and Lauri Ylönen

We are happy to announce that the duett with Anette Olzon (Nightwish) will be released on 6th of November 2009 (Germany) and the exact title is "October & April"!

source: Black Roses Communtiy


Releasing date for The Best of .... album is postponed !!!

After we got the great news about the releasing date for the new album that would be released at 2 November, do we have sad news!! At the playground music site is the album The Best of The Rasmus 2001-2009 postponed and it will now be released at 25 November in Scandinavia and their still no dates for the rest of Europa!! So now we have to wait a bit longer !!!

source: Playground music and hellofasite

The track list for the Best of The Rasmus 2001-2009

Finally we got more news about the Complication album. The track list is from today official, and this are the songs that will be on the Album:

1. In The Shadows
2. No Fear (Album Version)
3. Guilty (Us Mix)
4. October & April (Feat Anette Olzon)
5. First Day Of My Life
6. Livin’ In A World Without You
7. F-f-f-falling
8. Chill
9. Immortal
10. Justify
11. Shot
12. Funeral Song
13. Ghost Of Love
14. Open My Eyes (Acoustic Version)
15. In My Life
16. Ten Black Roses
17. Sail Away

source: Playground music


Blackout movie score that’s written by Lauri

Thanks to “Lintunez” ,You can now listen to the movie score that Lauri Ylönen written for the finish movie, blackout!! So if you wane hear what are favorite singer made!! Then check out this two movies:

-> Blackout movie score part 1

-> Blackout movie score part 2

Source: Lintunez


Best of The Rasmus 2001-2009

The Best of Album of The Rasmus 2001-2009 will be released at
2 november 2009

also the cover is ready for us to view and it looks great!!!

source: Playground music


The Rasmus " Making of Black Roses Documentry" on EuroChannel

In October, will Eurochannel broadcasts an exclusive documentary on the making-of Black Roses by The Rasmus. Have an insight to the joys and sorrows of pop music business and record making!

It’s a story of an inward struggle of songwriters, musicians and friends at the crossroads after 12 years of music making and taking steps in life together, after 6 major albums and 2 million sold copies, after international breakthrough and excessive touring.

The documentary will take us into the decision making of a rock band, through moments of artistic struggle and self criticism, through brilliant highlights and finally in the release of the Rasmus new album, Black Roses and reactions of the public.

More information on our website:
Please feel free to contact me for any additional information you may want regarding Eurochannel.

Sincerely yours,

Laura Tuillier
Eurochannel US PR

About Eurochannel
Eurochannel is a worldwide television channel dedicated to promote the rich European culture and lifestyle throughout movies and series, programs dedicated to fashion events, arts or mythical destinations, in original audio with subtitles. In the US, Eurochannel is available in DISH Network.

source: International forum The Rasmus


Aki Hakala and a Gun- photoshoot

Their are some pictures with Aki while The Rasmus where in Russia, and he have fun with a friend and two gun’s. You can view the photos here:

-> photoshoot

Source: Veronica


New photos from Russia, that are not seen before.

We got some new photos from The Rasmus their last visit to Russia. The photos are from a backstage meeting with some fans in Club Jagger. You can view the photos here:

-> Gallerie


-> Photos TR in Club Jagger, Russia

Also a big thank you to Veronica who shared us the pictures!!!

Please don’t remove The copyrighted name Yuija, from Jagger!

Source: Veronica

Copyrights belong to Jagger


More news about The Rasmus and the duet with Anette

Today posted anette replays to fans questions at her personally official blog. Where she also replayed to some fans questions about her duet with Lauri Ylönen the singer of The Rasmus.

here are the questions and replays:

Question one:
Do you have any information on the duet you did with Rasmus? It seems everyone wants to hear it, yet there's no info anywhere.

Answer from Annette "It’s on its way. The video should be ready any day now"

Question two:
could you please tell us at least a little/tiny/small news about the upcoming duet song you made with THE RASMUS???? =)
even a little detail could be enough..
I know you have already shot the video for it, tell us something!! Your impressions, how was to work with TR guys...

answer from anette
"The song with The Rasmus is a very very nice song;=) I believe in it and I am happy that it will soon be released now;=) the video will be nice and it was fun doing it. Lauri is a very nice guy and I look forward doing some things with the guys"

source: Anette official blog


The Rasmus Birthday gift 2009

Hello all out there!!!
We are already working very hard to create the book for The Rasmus, for their 15th Birthday they celebrate in this year.
We got a loooooot of stuff already to add there

There are notes and pictures - all sort of stuff - from

Bulgaria, Mexico, Netherlands, UK, Germany, Russia
Sweden, Hungary, Italy, Belgium and Lithuania

For us it isn't enough
so we want to call ALL people - especially these ones of countries which are still missing - to send in your stuff for the book!!!

Don't forget to add your name and country!!

Also wait until you get a comfirm note from us!!
If you don't get one than let us know as fast you can, because than maybe for some reason your mail got lost...

-> How much can you send???
Well try to see yourself a bit, and we will see how much we can add of it all at the end.

-> What can i send???
You can send everything: articles, posters, photos, signatures, draw, messages, and ect....
If you have doubs what you send is good, than you still can ask us!

-> How long can I send things???
You can send your things until end september!!!
Things that will be sent later will not be add anymore.

For more info you can always see at our website by projects here


your my black butterfly !!!
flying into the sky, so delicate, so sweet, but still so dark inside............

Keeper of Lauri Ylönen, Finland, stars, Northern Lights and The Rasmus
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PostSubject: Re: News: Archive Folder 2009   Mon May 24, 2010 7:32 am

Lauri Ylönen and Paula (PMMP) at Linnan Juhlat

At the PMMP Wordpress Gallerie you can see the first pictures
with Lauri and Paula from Linnan Juhlat.

source: PMMP Wordpress

Also at You Tube there is a little video uploaded already here

Uploaded by Schnin92' You Tube Channel

and some interviews here: 1,2,3

Uploaded by Andii and Wepke

Copyright from the Videos belong to Netti.TV - and Ilta-Sanomat


Rehearsals photos of The Rasmus

Thanks to Misa and Ghost of Love Wordpress who have shared these nice pictures with us from the guys in Helsinki during the studio rehearsals for the Anniuversary gig at November 23.

The Photos have been taken by the Finnish photographer Ilkka Hämäläinen
and you can view them here:

-> Photo 1
-> Photo 2
-> Photo 3

Copyright of the Photos belong to Ilkka Hämäläinen!!!

source: Ghost of Love Wordpress


The Rasmus @ Rockoon

There was a article with The Rasmus in the german magazine Rockoon.
You can read the translation of it here, togher with screens of the magazine.

Translated and uploaded by The RasmusRock Forum
thanks to SisoC and Scratch the Pitch

If you repost this translation and the photos than don't forget to post the names of the people who put their time and hard work in it ( SisoC and Scratch the Pitch)!!!

source:The Rasmus Rock Forum


Interview with Lauri Ylönen at the Dome

We have found a seconde interview with Lauri at the dome.
and you can view it here

Also the site of The Dome gives new photos of the performance from Lauri and Anette and you can view them here

Copyright of the video belongs to The Dome, RTL 2

source: Oanarogozea


Article with Lauri Ylönen at Orkus

Fist we wanne say this: thanks to Jessica here comes an article from Orkus no.12/01 December 2009/ January 2010.

„First, I called Tuomas Holopainen as if he was the father and me the guy who wants to ask for his daughter’s hand."

Then they say something about In The Shadows etc., there’s nothing that we don’t already know.

Lauri Ylönen:
Hi, right now I’m in Singapore at the airport and have to kill two hours until my flight to Helsinki will arrive.
What did you do in Singapore?
LY: I visited our guitarist to work at new songs for the new album. He’s living there for over a year and has a family by now. It was a wonderful creative time, first of all because we did very much with his native friends and have learnt very much about the culture. But now I really look forward to Finland – these trips open my mind for the beauty of my home country.
Is it actually something special for you to visit foreign countries? After all, you have already visited over 60 countries with The Rasmus.
LY: Again and again it’s an adventure. Not least because I absolutely dislike flying! (laughs) No, I really don’t like these "iron birds". Apart from that I love to travel, especially when I can visit places again of which I know that I liked them. For example, I always look forward to being in Milan. I already know then where I’ll drink a coffee.
Which country or which city appealed you the most? Was it something such exotic as India?
LY: India absolutely left its mark, that’s clear. However, I can’t say that I felt really comfortable there. For any reason, I couldn’t relax. I think that was because of the wide difference we encountered. We lived in an unbelievably luxurious seven-star hotel, but when we left it, there was an unimaginable poverty. Indeed, our concert in India was very emotional but I prefer the more calm places. I found Iceland, e. g., breathtaking beautiful.
You became 30 years old this year. In which way did this age change your point of view concerning The Rasmus?
LY: Of course very much, I’m not the same person anymore which I was when I was 20. I lived absolutely different when The Rasmus started off internationally, and although I dislike this word, I definitely became more mature, which is for sure also related to the fact that I have a son by now. But in many things I’m still a child, otherwise I wouldn’t play in a rock band. You just have to look at me now: I’m wearing an expensive suit which could be of a business man, but I have this really weird haircut. (laughs)
The international success mentioned earlier began 2003 with In The Shadows on a grand scale. Many bands develop something like a love-hate relationship to their most successful track. Is it the same with you?
LY: Well, I never hated this track. Of course sometimes it’s getting on my nerves that people are imitating me with the beginning of the song on the street but you have to live with it. The way I see it is like that: without this song I wouldn’t be in Singapore now, without this song many things wouldn’t have happened.
It’s only right that this track is the first on your Best Of 2001 – 2009. Which thoughts crossed your mind when you did this look back at your music?
LY: I instinctively had to think about how many video clips we made in all these years. I remembered all the exhausting and funny shots which we did in Cuba, in the USA, Sweden or Finland. These were really exhausting years! So many unbelievable things happened that we couldn’t do everything some offered us. E. g. at that time, we couldn’t fly to New Zealand although In The Shadows was also there number one in the charts. On the one hand it’s a pity but on the other hand we can still catch it up.
With October & April there’s also a new song – a wintry melancholic duet with the Nightwish vocalist Anette Olzon. Why did you choose her?
LY: At any rate I wanted to have a singer of a Finnish band and as right now, Nightwish is Finland’s biggest band, the choice was easy. First, I called Tuomas Holopainen as if he was the father and me the guy who wants to ask for his daughter’s hand. (laughs)
There haven’t been other candidates?
LY: Well, actually yes. You have to know that the song already existed a few years ago and that time I wanted to have Tarja Turunen for that duet. But at that time her problems with Nightwish possibly began, so she turned me down. I was rather disappointed, so the song was put off for quite a while. It’s really weird that it now worked out with the next Nightwish singer but also quite funny.
Perhaps Tarja would have been a bit too much for this song.
LY: By now I think the same and am very happy about the fact that I worked with Anette. (sings just like a proof some shrill Nightwish beats) No, Tarja’s voice would definitely have been too bombastic for this song (laughs).
Was it difficult to get into a romantic atmosphere which is required for this sad love song?
LY: Absolutely no problem! This song has an unbelievable beautiful atmosphere into which you can delve immediately. The story of October who is eternally in love with April but cannot have her is a popular lullaby for children in Finland. We absolutely wanted to keep this magical, dreamy character and because of that we set value on this atmosphere lost in reverie. Even if we finally got a real "murder ballad".

Picture 1 and Picture 2

Pictures and translation was made by Jessica.

Please if you take the pictures and the translation don’t forget to credit the person who have done the work to us. Thank You!

Source: Gost of Love Wordpress


Eero Heinonen and Paramore by Ylex

Eero Heinonen, band member of The Rasmus had a short interview at Ylex together with two members of Paramore. You can view the video here
(The interview is English)

copyright of the video belongs to



The Rasmus, Lauri ft. Anette @ ne salmiset

We also found great Videos of Lauri and Anette a the finish TV show Ne Salmiset!!
Lauri And Anette where a guest there at November 28th, where they also performed for the first time there duet song October and April Live!!

You Can view the videos here:

( The show is cut into parts, so you can only view the Parts where Lauri and Anette are in it!! If you wanne view the full show than go to: MTV3.Fi)

-> [url=]Part 1 (Into and small Interview with Lauri)
-> Part 2 (Interview with Anette and Lauri)
-> Part 3 ( Song October And April)

Copyrights to MTV3.FI


Lauri Ft. Anette at the Dome

We have found a video of Lauri and Anette there performance at THE Dome.
You Can view the video here:

-> Lauri And Anette at the Dome

Uploaded by: NettanFairy


Preview photos of The Limited edtition Album

At november 25th was the new album of The Rasmus released!!
The Best of 2001-2009!! Also from this album is there a limited edition with a 32-page book!! Playground ground music uploaded now for us already some preview photos of the book and you can view them here.
Copyright of the photos are all reserved to Playground music and The Rasmus

source: Playground music Flickr


The Northern Rasmus Fans wishes Eero Heinonen a happy Birthday

Hyvää syntymäpäivää sinulle
Hyvää syntymäpäivää sinulle
Hyvää syntymäpäivää sinulle, rakas Eero
Hyvää syntymäpäivää sinulle


The Rasmus Ft. Anette on Ne Salmiset

Tomorrow on MTV 3 there will be this show called Ne Salmiset and there was Anette with Lauri giving some interview and sing the song live October & April. Hopefully the interview will soon also be availble on internet!!

source: Lauri Ylönen Wordpress


Vote for Your Favorite song ever!!

At the Rasmus official website you can vote now for your alltime favorite The Rasmus song!! And you have the change to win one the of 10 exclusive fan packages !!!

you can vote here

source: The Rasmus official website


Photos from The Rasmus at Suutarila

The Rasmus uploaded at Irc-gallerie some photos of the concert!!
You can view them here

copyright of the photos belong to The Rasmus

source: The Rasmus Irc-gallerie


The Rasmus Birthday Gift is ready and send!!

Hello everyone,

We have some great news, the book is finaly ready and send to The Rasmus in Finland.
we hope the guy will be happy with there gift and we wanted to wish them of course a
happy 15th Birthday!!!

The Birthday gift you can see it here ( video)
and this is also a photo of the book thats ready and just before it's been send!!

Also we wanne say thank you to everyone who helped us to make also this year a beautiful gift for The Rasmus!!

( if there is a replay of the guys we also will let you know for sure!!)
The Northern Rasmus Fans


The Rasmus Interviewed by Ylex

There is been a littel interview with Lauri Ylönen and Eero Heinonen for Ylex!
They talk about there new comming album and to promote their Best of: 2001-2009!
You can view the video here and listen also to the audio from it here

Copyrights belong to Ylex!


The Rasmus at Suutarila

Today was the amazing gig of The Rasmus to celebrate there 15th year Birthday!!
This concert got throw in the guys their old school!! and we all could follow it live!!
Old and new songs filled the whole room!!!

Here is the playlist:
fff falling
ghost of love
livin in a world without you
in my life
no fear
first day of my life
in the shadows
sail away

Videos of the live performance:

-> ( intro to Rakkauslaulu)
-> (Liquid)
-> (short part of Falling)
-> ( ghost of love)
-> ( No fear)
-> (ending)

(videos recorded and uploaded by Wepke, sorry for the less quality!)

We also got some nice screenshot from the gig thanks to Veronica!!
and you can view them here !!!

(Do not post them on your own website without asking her first!!)


The Rasmus Interviews

Also before and after the concert where also littel interviews and here are already two of it:

-> The Rasmus - Suutarilan loululla

copyrights to ilta sanomat (lehti kuva)

-> The Rasmus- Viihde Uutiset

Copyrights to

-> The Rasmus - Nelonen

Copyrights to Nelonen


Photos with Lauri and Anette at dome52

there are already some nice pics from The Dome 52.
Here you can see the photos:

sound check:

Red carpet:

Live show:

Copyrights of the Photos to:

The show will be broadcasted on RTL2 on November 28th!

We also wanne say thank you to kate for sharing this news with us

source: Kate


The Rasmus live @ irc gallery !!!

The Rasmus head back to school to celebrate their career of 15 years. See the gig in IRC-Galleria and IRC-Galerie!

Monday the 23th of November, The Rasmus is holding a special concert in the gym hall of their former school in Suutarila. The first gig The Rasmus ever played, was in the year 1994 at a Christmas party at the same location. The show is streamed live at IRC-Galleria and IRC-Galerie The Rasmus communities!

You can follow the gig live in IRC-Galleria or IRC-Galerie communities and chat with other fans.

--> IRC-Galleria (Finnish community) (

--> IRC-Galerie (German community) (

The stream starts at 17.30 CET (don't forget time diffrence!!)

If you don’t have IRC-Galerie or IRC-Galleria account yet, you can log in with your Facebook account as well to see the show.

The communities are in Finnish and German only BUT no need to worry as the stream is shown live worldwide !!!

source: The Rasmus Myspace


Two new articels with lauri Ylönen

Thanks to Oana and Reka, we can enjoy two new articles to read
from are favorite singer Lauri Ylönen.

Article 1:

Lauri Ylönen promises to behave this time at Linna Celebrations

The Rasmus Lauri Ylönen made a picture of himself with his phone’s camera for Aamulehti.
The Rasmus celebrates their 15th anniversary with releasing a collection album and with a gig in the sports hall of the Suutarila High School.
Where can we find the most fanatic The Rasmus fans?
-Maybe in Britain. There are a couple of girl fans who have been at 62 gigs. They are a bit older, oh well aged around 30 who wanted also to come to the celebration gig.
What is the strangest thing ever you have done during your career?
-In Taiwan i was live on the TV drinking some snake poison drink.
During the summer you’ve been touring with Alice Cooper, Scorpions and Kingdom Come in Russia. What kind of experience it was?
-It was great to be around our childhood heroes. Everyone was nice and really open. The 30-years of age difference wasn’t disturbing at all. Sometimes it was weird to see the same aged guys put the same make-up on their face…it was both sad and cool in the same time.
Who is taking care of your son if the mother PMMP’s Paula vesala and you are at a gig too?
-There haven’t been too much of those situation recently, because most of us band members have young children and been at kind of a paternity leave.
So you will be going to the Linna Celebrations?
-While i have been on my Asian trip i have got some couple of dresses that would do fine for the Linna Celebrations. This time i will go to the party with a partner. Last time i took a friend with me, Siiri Nordin. I thought you don’t have to bring at the party your lady. But apparently i have been forgiven. And i promise that this time i will behave.
The Rasmus will have their 15-year anniversary concert on the 23.11 in the Gym Hall of the Suutarila High School. Their Best of 2001-2009 compilation album appears on the 23.11.
Read more questions and Lauri Ylönen’s answers in Wednesday’s Aamulehti.

Article 2:

Lauri: I quit drinking

The Rasmus’ leadsinger reads stories for his son through Skype
Last year The Rasmus members spent their first summer in fifteen years without gigs. Lauri Ylönen could even get to enjoy his time with his one and half year old Julius son and at his girlfriend’s PMMP’s Paula Vesala’s gigs.
- When Paula is doing gigs i often take care of him.I can’t think of any reason why i wouldn’t be with my son in park making sand cake, Ylönen says enjoying the parenthood.
Fatherhood is in combination with touring, although being away from family for year long is not the most attractive thing. The Rasmus have been touring in Europe at the beginning of the year for several months.
-At those points i’ve been using the technology: i read fairy tales to my son through Skype. It might sound cold. I’m confident in the future about a free education, such as mine was.
Ylönen is actively writing new material for their future releases. The singer was recently in Singapore where Pauli Rantasalmi lives to put the pieces together.
-With this journey i got a perspective of how a good place Finland is. In Singapore there is a complete lack of freedom of speech, which is quite a sick thing.
Ylönen would like to also publish new material more often, since modern technology allows you to make good quality songs in in your own bedroom.
-It would be really a cool thing if the songs could be “printed” with a single press of Enter, and so the listeners can hear the first version. When you work on a disk for 3 years, it’s no longer needing to be improvised. I see the market is changing essentially, so publication of an album is not already a major event.
The Rasmus will celebrate their 15th anniversary with a compilation album and with a performance in their junior high school, where the band also had their first gig.
Ylönen sees that the band got more listeners when the song In The Shadows had success in foreign countries too.
- The following years then were some tough times. We had a booming energy, but were worn out after the gigs. I was really so disordered at that time.
- It was kind of a “foggy” time when after the gigs we had to consume a lot of alcohol. Now i quit drinking for six months already, Ylönen says.
The Rasmus was about to split before their world fame came.Today, it would be an impossible thing.
-I feel that friendship kept us together. This become a great part of the life, without which life would seem really boring. I would be sad to leave for a solo career.
-It would make more sense to say to “retire” for a long time from doing gigs, than to make a lot of people’s eyes full of tears, and then come back after years from now. If it would be for us to break up, we would surely only retire for a long break.
The Rasmus’ Best of 2001-2009 appears Wednesday 25.11. The band will have a gig in Suutarila High School Monday 23.11

Translation by Reka
source: Lauri Ylönen wordpress


Happy Birthday to Vanessa

Today it's Vanessa her Birthday and we wanne don't wanne forget that.
So we wanne wish her a Great day with much joy!!

The Northern Rasmus Fans


The Rasmus, Lauri Ylönen on

as we told before Lauri visited the morning show at Today
To present a nice interview for us all

You can view or read a few articels and videos thats been taken here:

-> 1
-> 2
-> 3




The Rasmus - October & April (Making Of)

Be there when The Rasmus and Anette Olzon rotate the video for "October & April.
YOu can view the making of here

Also the single is now available everywhere, the album "Best Of 2001-2009" will be released on 27.11.09.

Source: Vertigo TV (You Tube)


Lauri Ylönen on

Thanks to the owner of the Lauri Ylönen wordpress we have found a littel but nice interview with Lauri on! You can view the video of it here!

In this interview lauri talks about his time in Singapore with Pauli, that he meet some old friends from 2004 and he also comfirms that he will be at Linnan with his partner.

translation from Reka
Source: Lauri Ylönen wordpress


Lauri Ylönen at NRJ Radio and Voice TV

Today Lauri have been at NRJ Aamupojat at the NRJ Radio for a short interview!
There is a podcast available of 18 minutes on the site of the radio station, so you can listen to it�_Podcast.mp3

And there will also be according to the site of Voice TV, tomorrow a interview with the singer Lauri Ylönen at the Voice Heräämö at 9AM (Finnish time), to talk about their upcoming anniversary gig in Suutarila High School and about the Best Of album that will be released next week.

Source: Ghost of Love wordpress


The Dome Interview with Lauri Ylönen "Back to school"

During lauri his short stay in germany he had a littel interview at the dome about their 15th birthday concert " back to school"

you can watch the video here:

-> The Dome Interview with Lauri Ylönen

for the once who can't get the video player working, we have uploaded also the video here:

-> The Dome Interview with Lauri Ylönen (You Tube)

copyrights belong to RTL2

source: International forum by venefica


The Rasmus at number 1

Great news everyone!! The Rasmus is number 1 on the show "Vote" from the german tv channel "GoTV" with there music video "October and April"

So thank you all for voting and where hoping you will keep Voting it everyday so are favorite band can stay in the top 10 and hopefully on number 1!!

you can still vote here:

source: The Rasmus Fan 4ever


New myspace blog of The Rasmus

The Rasmus head back to school to celebrate their career of 15 years. See the gig in IRC-Galleria and IRC-Galerie!

Monday the 23th of November, The Rasmus is holding a special concert in the gym hall of their former school in Suutarila. The first gig The Rasmus ever played, was in the year 1994 at a Christmas party at the same location.

You can follow the gig live in IRC-Galleria or IRC-Galerie communities and chat with other fans.....

IRC-Galleria community:
IRC-Galerie community:

If you don’t have IRC-Galerie or IRC-Galleria account yet, you can log in with your Facebook account as well to see the show.

The starting time of the gig is yet to be confirmed.

source: The Rasmus Myspace Blog


Interview with Lauri Ylönen at the MTV Ema awards

A new video of Lauri Ylönen is showed up!!
In the video you can view lauri being interviewed at this years MTV EMA awards

you can view the video here

the Video is uploaded on you tube by GothHellsinki

source: Black Roses Forum (myspace)


Vote for The Rasmus at GOTV

Please, vote!! The more, the better.

It's very simply go to this link here http: //
and vote!! It's for free and you don't have to register for it!!

If The Rasmus get enough votes than they will play the new music video October&April everyday at GOTV around 6 o'clock.

source: The Rasmus Fan 4ever


The Rasmus Birthday Gift 2009 is ready

Yes, you read it right!! After so much hard working is the Rasmus Birthday gift ready!!
The Book will now be send the the shop where they will start making it!!
Than after some time we can send the book to The Rasmus!!

We wanted to thank you all for your support and for helping us to make this gift reality We also uploaded a video from the book so you can all see how it will look

-> The Rasmus B-day gift (Video)

If there are some thing wrong, what can happen of course and you see this than let us know as fast you can, so we still can change it!
well we hope you all will like it!!!

The Northern Rasmus Fans


New video from Eero on you tube

Eero uploaded today a new sort of video!! THe video is called "the eye"
and you can view it here.

source: Eerohei You tube channel


The Rasmus official IRC Gallery

The Rasmus have an official Irc Galleria profil, you can check them here.

And for the 15th Anniversary live concert you will have to check this website because there will be on 23th November the gig live streaming You don’t need to have an account there to see the gig because it’s free

source: Lauri Ylönen wordpress


Today it's Fathersday in Finland

Today the finishe people celebrate Fathersday in Finland!!
And we wanne wish The Rasmus a great time with their littel once,
and a happy Fathersday!!


Lauri Ylönen at Europe music awards 2009

Lauri was on 5th November in Germany to the Europe Music Awards 2009.He also went to the Aftershow party and from there are 2 pictures with him that you can view in are gallery.

source: Lauri Ylönen wordpress


Black Roses Community: Thank you for all the question

THANK YOU...for all the questions. We received far more than 100 mails and it was a hard decision to pick just a few out of about 250 questions. But we finally made it and we think that the interview is quite interesting and funny.
We try to type it up as fast as possible - maybe you get it on sunday already! But if we don't manage it till then, please don't be mad at us. We talked for more than 30 minutes...which means a lot of words.

Larka & Jumala

source: Black Roses Community


The Release date for the single "October and April changed!

The website let us know today that unfortunately is the release date for the single 'the Rasmus "October & April (Premium)"' changed and hence
the expected delivery date too:

'The Rasmus "October & April (Premium)"
Delivery date: 21rst november 2009 - 23rd november 2009

We also wanne say thank you to the people from to let us know about this news!

source: and The Northern Rasmus Fans
translation: done by Natalie!!


The Rasmus at The Dome 52

The Rasmus will come at The Dome 52 in Germany!! Together with the singer from Nightwish Anette they will present their new song October & April.

The Dome 52 will be on 20 November and you can watch it on RTL 2
(a German Channel).

Source: the Dome and Lauri Ylönen wordpress


Eero uploaded three new videos

Eero Heinonen also know as Eerohei on you tube uploaded new video's
the videos are from a upcomming short film he is making and it's called secrete live of a lamp post!

You can view the videos here:

-> Part 1

- >Part 2

-> Part 3

source: Eerohei on you tube


The Rasmus: Black Roses Communtiy

Hey everyone!

We just got the opportunity to interview Lauri this week. So we need your help to draw some secrets & news from him. Just send all your questions to and we will pick up around 15 which we'll ask him. Furthermore everyone who participates will take part in a drawing for 5 autographs with personal dedication by Lauri!

Deadline: Wednesday evening (4.11.) 8 p.m. CET (Central European Time)

When you send us your questions, don't forget to tell us your real name & your username.


PS: Please note that we won't choose any questions concerning the band's private life e.g. partners, kids etc.



your my black butterfly !!!
flying into the sky, so delicate, so sweet, but still so dark inside............

Keeper of Lauri Ylönen, Finland, stars, Northern Lights and The Rasmus
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Lauri Ylönen interview by Mika Kankaanpaa

Click here to listen to an interview that Lauri give this month to Mika Kankaanpaa.

source: Lauri Ylönen wordpress


Lauri Ylönen Interviewed by Vertigo TV

There appeared a new interview with lauri on the site of Vertigo TV.
The video is made earlier this year during his visit in Germany around November.
You can watch the interview here.

source: Ghost of love wordpress



The Northern Rasmus Fans Birthday!!

Today we celebrate are 1 year Birthday from are fanclub!!
We are so happy wa can share this moment with you all and to see how hard we have been growing!!

Thank to all your support and help we could make this happen!!
so we wanne thank you all ....

Happy Birthday to The Northern Rasmus Fans !!!


Merry Christmas to you all

We wanted to wish you all a merry christmas with much joy!!
Many blessings for everyone from The Northern Rasmus fans


Lauri Ylönen ( The rasmus singer) and Paula welcome Santa Clause

The Rasmus’ Lauri Ylönen spend the Christmas with his family and the Santa claus will visit them, tells Voice.

Interview translation:

Ylönen and his partner, PMMP’s Paula Vesala have 1,5 year-old son Julius.

-In Christmas Eve the Santa comes, of course.
-Daddy can visit in the neighbour when the Santa comes, I don’t know yet., Ylönen planned.

Ylönen told in Radio Nova’s program that he is Christmas person. It is an important party, that he had always spent in peace.

- It’s spoken that in Finland we drink, burn sauna and fight, but in our family I haven’t seen that.
They asked from Ylönen, does he ever want to get involved his child’s mother’s music.

- They have their own style, and we have our own. Styles have developed with time. Outward shouldn’t appear with his own suggestion, then he can damage it.
He critisized record labels style to get involved aggressively to band’s doings.

- Shouldn’t in that time let the band be free and artistic? People want to feel that they are important, but we don’t do that, Ylönen says.


source: Lauri Ylönen wordpress


New music video "Your Forgiveness" together with Christmas greetings

The guy had still a little suprise for are christmas!! Your can all watch the new music video recorder by eero! you can watch "Your Forgiveness" here.

together with sweet christmas from the guys to us all.....

also Eero uploaded later on his you tube account here the music video.

source: The Rasmus IRC Gallerie


The Rasmus on a short break for the holidays!

As you maybe have been seeing, it's been very quiet with news from The Rasmus.
The Reason of this is that the guys are having a short break until next year so they can spent the holidays with their family! Next year they will start working hard again on a new comming album, hoppefully a new tour and much more!

Also our fanclub will have a short break soon, but first we are waiting to celebrate are 1 year anniversary!! Also we will pronounce the winner of are competition that will end at 30 december!

But until all that we wanne wish you all a wonderful time! A Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! We hope you will have much joy, and that all your wishes come true!!!

The Northern Rasmus Fans


Lauri signed a petition for "music copyright law" change

There is an article on the site of IltaLehti, where it says that Lauri signed a petition against the copyright law changes in the music industry among 40 other famous names of the Finnish music business like Paula Vesala, Mira Luoti, Jukka Karjalainen, Maija Vilkkumaa, Jonna Tervomaa and Ismo Alanko.

The law basically tells about the fact that anyone can publish live gigs of a certain band without their permission, can edit and use the material ignoring the artists’ wishes.

Copyrights of this article belong to
Source and translation: Ghost of Love wordpress


Lauri Ylönen at Nova Radio

At 19th december had lauri a interview with Nova radio.
Lauri tells that he is really looking farward of Christmas and he will be celebrate it with his son, and family in a very traditional way and without alcohol! During his holiday break now he loves to spent time with his son playing outside in the snow, and also santa clause will visit his home this year!

Than he also talks a bit about Black roses that got in a wrong direction for them but it was still a great experience And they started now working on a new album for next year already!!

You can listen to the interview here: 1,2,3,4

Copyrights belong to Radio Nova
Source: Radio Nova


Aki Hakala at NRJ

at December 9th had Aki hakala a interview with TV Channel NRJ.
and you can watch a video of it here

copyright of the video belong to RNJ

source: Reka


Fanclub Logo Compition!

Hello everyone,
our fanclub is becoming one year old soon and that's something special for US!!
Because of that we wanna do after this first year something special for YOU!
We are going to have a little compition where only members can join into!
Make a nice logo for our fanclub and the best one will be picked out to be the winner!
Is your design choosen ?
Well, then you can win The Rasmus latest single

"October & April"!

What do you have to do:

Create a nice logo and send your design together with your nickname, name, country and E-mail adress to

Attention: the logo must be in connection with The Rasmus and The Northern Rasmus Fans. No violancal, sexual or in connetion with the privait live of the guys stuff will be accepted!!!
If everything is send to us you will recieve a mail that confirm you entry.

Your membership must have been registered at our list for that.
The compition will end around our B-Day at 30th December!
Then we will look for the best design and the winner will be picked out!
The name of the winner will be listed on our website and will be
contacted by us per mail for more details!
We hope to get some entries and to hear you all back soon!!!
The Northern Rasmus Fans


Lauri talk to

Lauri had a small interview with about the future plans of the band, the past successes and cherished freedom! you can read the translation of this article at are forum here!

Translation is done by Reka!



your my black butterfly !!!
flying into the sky, so delicate, so sweet, but still so dark inside............

Keeper of Lauri Ylönen, Finland, stars, Northern Lights and The Rasmus
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News: Archive Folder 2009
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