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 The Rasmus live @ Zeche in Bochum - 1st April 2009

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PostSubject: The Rasmus live @ Zeche in Bochum - 1st April 2009   Mon Aug 24, 2009 1:04 pm

i missed school and slept by my friend. we took a taxi to the train station at 7 o'clock... and remember 1st april Wink the driver told us how much we have to pay and i was kidding him "oh, sorry, but i have forgot my money!" he got veeery angry and before he opened his mouth i said "april april" and gave him the ammount.

then in the train... we were sooooo nervous Very Happy we had to change the train in dortmund so we walked around at the station. we went into a magazine shop and looked for the new magazin which already have done an article with us and our rakkauslaulu performance in cologne. there was an interview by the rasmus and i didnt read... then my friend whispered UFOLAULU i got interested and read... lauri was talking about this girl who whished to sing ufolaulu Very Happy aaaaah, and thats me o.O there was noone other singing this song and i stood there... reading and also crying xD aaaah, soooo nice that they can remember me Very Happy

well^^ i dried Wink and we got into the next train... the porter came and asked for the ticked... i was looking around in my wallet... "oh sorry i think i dodge the fair" and he got angry and looked for the ammount i have to pay... i said "april april" and gave him my ticket. he looked at it. "ahm, you know you cant use it in this kind of train?" i was shocked... and it was really this case :O it was not allowed to take this train with this ticket... i just said ... "but this should have been just an april joke, really!" but he let us go to bochum... it was the next station Wink

in front of the door we met people i knew from the last gig in bochum... haha.. sooo nice!!! then there came two of those weird women who went into the hall last time that a friend had to go to the hospital during rasmus' performance... sooo sad for her... so my and my friend went in to tell the security guys about it... but they couldnt have helped us... we talked some minutes and during this talk i recognized finnish language... i asked the security if the boys are there... no... ive seen a man with a black roses button... i asked arent they really there? no... then my friend called me again and again... i thought she is outside so i didnt care... we came back to them and recognized aki... my other friend who called me came... oh, dont be sad but you missed lauri and pauli .... >.< hmpf... my world broke down :'D but okay... lets see what will happen but we hurried to get aki. we took a photo with him and showed him our aki scarf (we own since november last year Wink) and heremebered this scarf Smile when i said look, we shared it he looked... his eyes got a little bit bigger and he made a noise like "hhmmmmm..." and looked away with a smile Very Happy

then we also got eero for a photo. i had sooo many questions for him for exaple why he have this little winnie pooh sticker on his camera Very Happy but the only words i got out was if he already has done his yoga session (he did) and if it isnt anoying with all those fans Wink but he said its quiet normal Wink

then we stood there... waited... just for fun^^ we stood in a circle and ive had the view up to the wall in front of the street. then ive seen a guy coming quickly. when he saw me he stopped and went slower... and still looked at me... i though... hmm... i know him... is he lauri? no... yes... no... of course Very Happy and i winked Wink and he directly came to my left Very Happy he started talking that he comes back from a walk about 3 hours and i asked him if he is happy to be back in here... and he was... we took photos and authographs and then he went to backstage. so we knew all are in and thats all. so we went back to our places.

after a while weve heard rasmus starting with the soundcheck so we wanted to get back to hear some more. We saw Fräulein Wunder sitting there. Ldn’t like them that much but the will to hear to Rasmus was bigger so me and my friend went to the round of the 4 girls and sat with them. First they looked like “Öhm, okay?” but after saying “Hi!” we had a lot of fun Very Happy They told us what jokes Rasmus are doing to them and how they want to revenge Very Happy soooo funny xD Then we all started singing with Rasmus and Fräulein Wunder said it must be nice when all the fans sing along with the band^^ Then I asked who’s idea it was to perform Tokio Hotel’s “Durch den Monsun” and it was just Eero’s idea :O oookayyy?! Very Happy And I asked why they left the stage 15 minutes earlier last time and it was because of the audience :/ then they left and we got back to our place in the queue.

The Last hour was horror!!! Everybody started pushing and I stood in front of the frontier so it really hurted me -.- soo stupid fans, everybody will come in but nooo, they have to push one hours >.<

When we got in I got a place in the first row, yay!!! First we started talking with one of the photographer and he took pictures of us. But they still aren’t uploaded...^^ Then a man came on stage with two guitars... didn’t know him before but his music was quiet nice Smile He introduced his-self as Dyrk Shevay and after 3 or 4 songs he already left the stage again. And then Fräulein Wunder started playing. It was okay Smile Singing along some songs and they smiled. Hope it was a good gig for them Wink

And then: RASMUS!!! Woah, they were sooo fucking nice Very Happy They started to play F-F-F-Falling and went on... they played soo long... it felt so long^^... Their setlist was in finnish this time and after some songs Lauri picked up the setlist and told “This time the setlist is in finnish. Anybody here understanding finnish?” and I started screaming “minä puhun vain vähän suomea” (i speak a little bit finnish) Very Happy He came to me, got his fingers to make the sign for little bit. He asked “vain vähän?” (A little bit?) and I “kyllä, vain vähän” (Yes, a little bit) und er nur “Hyvää. (well) The next song is in finnish An Ny Antteks” and I very loud “Your forgiveness” and he something like “Yay!” Very Happy

Then they went on. After “Your Forgiveness” they wanted to play “Still Standing” but Pauli was gone Very Happy Lauri started to explain that they didn’t play the song for a long time so when we all know the lyrics better then him we can help. He looked on his right, looked to the other guys, to the audience... “Pauli?” all were laughing “Where the hell is Pauli?” Very Happy he was gone Very Happy so they started to play “Funky Jam” :O <3<3<3 OMG, it was sooooooo great to hear those old stuff live *.* I thought i would die Very Happy When Pauli was back they went on with “Still Standing” Very Happy

Then, after a while they played “Chill”. Ha, I’m sure you know the wave Lauri has done when he was drunken at Tammerfest in 2006?! Very Happy Even when I hear this song I do this wave again Very Happy (I learned it in Finnland at Qstock to do it during Chill Razz) so I stood there and did this wave Very Happy First Lauri wanted to ignore it but you saw that it was veeery hard for him Very Happy then he came in front of me and has done this wave into my direction too Very Happy He did some steps back and covered his eyes with his mic and looked on the ground like he wanna say “oh no, they remember” Very Happy

Then there it came on stage. The Lauri-doll of my friend Very Happy First Lauri just looked at it... but then he had to pick it up and after Eero told this is a voodoo-doll Lauri complaint about a pain he felt during the last days Very Happy The doll had blond hair so Lauri asked if we want him back in blond and the audience was not happy about this... and Lauri screamed NOOOOOOO! With a veeeery funny smile Very Happy Wuha, then they played Playboys and Ghostbusters o.O OMG – I recorded it but I scream that loud Very Happy:D:D

Haha, Pauli. He was so cte. We had contact with the eyes sooo often and we rocked together when I’ve played guitar in the air Very Happy It was during Immortal-solo Very Happy He looked at me and I started to imitate playing guitar and he smiled and we both had a guitar battle Very Happy and this i had many times Very Happy he sat at the desk of the drums and played something quiet... i looked at him... he looked at me... i winked and he nodded... then he looked i kissed my fingers and winked and he looked up with a cute smile, very flattered Very Happy then ive done my fingers to a heart and went with the rythm of the music and he started to do it too while playing guitar <3 soo cute^^

And then: Lauri played the first accord of “Live Forever” and my friend and me started to sing along the intro melody of that song. Lauri said something to us... don’t know what Very Happy my friend looked to him “Hööö?” and I “What?” and he asked “You wanna sing it?” he gave the mic to us and my friend asked “the melody?” and then we started to sing along Very Happy

Later... it was so sad Sad Lauri told us “Last time I think we played Rakkauslalulu” thats why they started to play Ufolaulu this time. But it’s wrong. Last time I sang Ufolaulu with them >.< Hmm, he has forgotten... Sad Or I think he just changed Bochum and Frankfurt... I hope so... Wink

When the concert was over we all went outside. The guys needed a long time to come out after the show. At the backstage the securities were waiting but it was a trap... boys came out another door so me and my friends waited there, close to the bus. All guys were in a hurry I think but when Pauli came he took a little bit of his time for my friend to talk to her and gave her a photo with him... aaahhh, I’m so jealous Very Happy when Aki came with one of the staff the staff-guy took Pauli with him, although he was still talking Very Happy

When all were in we still waited close to the bus. The crew boys were in toilet to make them ready for bed. At least one of them didn’t close the door from the “bathroom” and the door of the bus opened one last time and everywhere it started to stink Very Happy:D:D aaah, poor guys when the have to sleep with this smell Very Happy

At least when the bus drove away me and my friends stod on street and started dancing around Very Happy and Aki smiled and winked.

A friend of mine got me and my friend home and on the autobahn we’ve seen the tourbus again on their way to Frankfurt Very Happy haaaa, when I’ll have a car Razz...
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The Rasmus live @ Zeche in Bochum - 1st April 2009
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