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 The Rasmus live @ Zeche in Bochum - 31st January

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The Rasmus Fan
The Rasmus Fan

Location : Iserlohn

PostSubject: The Rasmus live @ Zeche in Bochum - 31st January   Wed Aug 26, 2009 6:07 pm

After my night at home ... 4 hours to sleep ... after the gig one day before in cologne I went at 8 o’clock to my friend Nicole to get her ready for the gig. Together we went to the train station and took our train to Bochum. After the train we still had to use the bus but finally we stood in front of the hall right at 10 o’clock.

There have already been a couple of fans waiting. But they all were very nice to us and we directly started talking  I went behind the hall to look if the bus is already there. A girl followed me. I looked at her and thought I know her. Shyly I asked “Anja?” and she started “Vanessa?” so we recognized that we already know each other from SchülerVZ and ICQ and were happy to meet us and embraced Very Happy I learned to know a looooot nice people out there  When thr crowd grew we found someone who would wait for us when we went to the street where we found the bus.

We stood there and waited, waited waited in front of it. Then I thought when we want to meet the guys then we have to pay our attention to the door of the bus. I looked and saw Eero standing there. And then I behaved like a little child Very Happy I jumpt in the middle of the way, winked and said “Moikka!”. Eero directly came to me and start talking that the way from cologne was long and so on. It was just a funny view because he had his cup of tea in his hand and wore a broken pullover Very Happy It wasn’t really Star like but this was veeery sympathy  We talked a while and then the fence was closed so we couldn’t wait directly in front of the bus.

But we still stood at the fence. Then there was a boy with a Trolly. And the Trolly was nearly bigger then himself Very Happy So this was Lauri. Most of the ... don’t know 10 people started screaming so he just looked and winked. Then he went into the hall. After another looong while Aki came out of the bus. He had his mobile phone in his had and it looked like he was shaking his ass when he turned his back to us to go into the hall. I just said to my friends “Wait, he will touch his ass” and what did Aki do??? He touched his ass Very Happy Then we waited and waited again for Pauli. But we recognized that he must watch a film with cars in the bus.

Later the support band “Fräulein Wunder” came in their little white transporter Very Happy I really had to laugh because that night before a saw a little white transporter with black trash bags covering the windows and I told my friend this must be the “tourbus” of the Wunders and in Bochum I saw it was true Very Happy All disliked them so they got some negative comments when they stood close to us with their car and the opened door. It was funny to see how the smiles turned into angry faces but I don’t want to say bad things about them. I just like them right now^^

After a while we gave up to see Pauli too and went back to our places in the row.

And the crowd was sooooo big right now. Around 17 o’clock there came two ... from all of us hated ... women. They didn’t go to the end of the row. First they stood close to us beside the row. Okay, if they don’t want to go at the end it’s their problem. But then they sat down at the fence which should get the crowd together. They took one of the tons there which helped the fences^^ They used it as a table and put out their Proscecco. Omg – how much we all hate those “Lockentussis” (translated it must be something like curl-bitches?! Because they had curls^^). And then started the last hour before the concert. The crowd was all pushing and pushing but for what? Therefore the doors won’t open earlier.

Then the doors opened. Everyone started pushing more and screaming, running and so on. And because of the “Lockentussis” someone fell down and hurted herself very much. But all got in. Later the girl who fell down had to go into a hospital. I hate the “Lockentussis” soooo much >.< I got a place in the first row. THE FIRST ROW :O I’ve never been in the first row. I was sooooo happy for that Very Happy I stood there between Pauli and Lauri. Then Fräulein Wunders started their show. It must have been very sad for them this gig because all screamed “Ihr könnt nach Hause fahr’n” (You can go home) and nearly the whole first row turned their back to the stage. Some of my friend Sophiao had a shield for them: “Schandalen!!!”. So they quitted their show 15 minutes earlier than the night in cologne before.

And then: RASMUS 
They started with living in a world without you and it was sooo cool  Sophia did a shield for them too and lifted it into the air. Lauri saw it and was sooo ... happy?! Very Happy about it^^ She wrote “Lauri, do you want to run naked through my garden?” so Lauri messed up the line in Living in a world without you and sang “Suddenly naked I run through your garden” Very Happy And after the song he excused for this mistake, but there was this shield Very Happy And he never know what happens Wink

Then they went on with their show. We had sooo much fun, instead of the “Lockentussis” close to us in the first row too >.<

During “Justify” I had to cry, of course because of my grand ma. I had a little Teddybear with me and during the song I threw it on stage. First Lauri was like “Uhm, no, I won’t go in the direction of the Teddybear” and he ignored it. I though oh no – he starts to ignore us because since the Teddy lay on the ground he didn’t any move to us. But then he moved the Teddy on the ground to sit. And it was soo cute Very Happy The Teddy looked like he really would listen to the band Very Happy Finally Lauri picked it up and smiled at the Teddy very cute and put it on Aki’s bass drum  But Aki bumped that much that he fell down after a short while Very Happy

Then they played “10 Black Roses”. Sophia had a biiig black rose with her and was shaking it in the 5th or 6th row. Lauri recognized it and asked her to give this rose to him. He went in front of the stage and gave the rose up to the stage so Lauri had a little toy during this song Wink
Then they went on with their show.

After the last song they went off from stage. I think it’s normal^^ But then Lauri came back. Around him, Eero’s white bass. Everyone knew that when Lauri is there with the bass the next song will be Rakkauslaulu. Lauri started talking and I started to put out my two shields “PLS LET ME SING” und “UFO”. It was pretty funny because I was toooo nervous to put them up in the right order and not changed and upside down. They boys on stage started to laugh and then Lauri ponted at me so the bodyguards tried to get me over the fence Very Happy Finally I stood on stage.

It was... cool, because all my friends were screaming my name and were jumping to wink to me. It’s a nice feeling to be in front of such a crowd^^ Lauri went on with playing Rakkauslaulu so I asked again for Ufolaulu. And his face when I asked for this was like “Ufo... really?” I’ll never forget this Very Happy And then he said “You are the guest, do whatever you want” and I still said Ufo.

The beginning of the song was... difficult because I didn’t know how they play it live so Lauri gave me his help to get the right moment for the singing part. And then I was singing Ufolaulu *.* When Lauri stood close to me to put the microphone right everything was fine. But when he was gone my knees were like pudding Very Happy During the song I went over to Lauri because I felt stronger with someone beside me Wink He embraced me and we were singing together. It was... woooow <3 After singing Lauri said “Kiitos!” and I embraced him but the mic holder was there so I didn’t have the chance to hug him really Sad When I went to Pauli he came to me with open arms and embraced me soooo lovely! I thought he’d never let me go Very Happy He gave a little kiss on my right cheek and whispered into my ear “fantastic!”. In this moment Lauri said “The best so far!”. I went to Aki and hugged him and he reminded his scarf I got in Cologne in November and wanted to get it back Very Happy My friend screamded something to me on stage and so I picked up Lauri and talked a bit to him^^ Nooooo, I won’t tell what I asked him Very Happy But it felt sooo great when the whole audience started to scream my name “Va-nes-sa, Va-nes-sa!” Very Happy During my small talk with Lauri one of my friends called my on my mobile phone. It was sooo funny because I forgot to switch it off^^ In the background I heard Eero “I think we found the next German idol” Very Happy Then I left the stage and rocked during the last song “Guilty!”. I was sooo hyperaktive.

After the concert when the crowed started to move outside I had to scream soooo loud Very Happy
I still met couple of friends and I nearly got crazy Very Happy I still had to wait for some ours until me and my friend got caught by my boyfriend to get back home. During this time you could have forgot me. I was crying the whole time because I was soooo lucky!!! At home I started to realize everything...
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The Rasmus live @ Zeche in Bochum - 31st January
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