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 Lauri talk to

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PostSubject: Lauri talk to   Thu Dec 10, 2009 1:34 pm

Now that the label contract has expired, there’s a time for the Finns to rest and refocus. Singer Lauri Ylönen talked on phone about the future plans of the band, past successes and cherished freedom

I’ve never called anyone in Finland. How was your day today?
Very short. I spent the whole day in the studio. At this time of the year the sun sets after 3 o’clock.Then it gets pretty dark, it really sucks. But then it makes you very grateful when the spring comes and the sun comes out. It’s like many things in life. If something is very important and you lose it.

What are the future plans of The Rasmus? There will be a best of 2001-2009 compilation?
Yes, comes out this month. It goes together so a bit about the last ten years. We wanted to put a compilation to complete our record deal. And then hopefully a new, fresh beginning will come. At that time we have released a compilation, but only in Finland of the first three albums. That was the end of a chapter in the history of The Rasmus. After some great things happening, so I hope that we can conclude by this Best Of the past. At the moment we’re in the studio, this week we take on new songs. We have our own studio in Helsinki. It’s just a good time. We have no record deal, we just jam only. We have so much fun, there are no expectations, no pressure of any kind, this is a really good feeling.

This sounds interesting. But again back to the compilation. Who chose the songs?
In fairness, we decided to put only the major singles and radio songs on it, but also some songs that were important to us. I wanted to, for example, “Immortal”, one of my favorite songs, extra-long version. And a few other songs that deserved it. on a plate with the hit songs to be, “Ghost of Love” for example. A good live song, maybe more people will know after this Best Of. In addition, a new song with Nightwish singer Anette Olzon. A very old song that was written 10 to 15 years ago. I have always loved the melody, which has something very childlike. To this end I wrote the lyrics, they really could be sung for a child. “We have rediscovered the music”

What does this have with the record deal all about?
The last record was the last in the contract. I do not know if we will work with the same label in future. But at the moment it just feels good to be so free.

So one can expect on their next record something completely new?
Yeah, sure. If things go as they run straight, then it will really be a surprise. But it is still too early to tell details. Things can change again when the album comes out. We often write plenty of songs and only a few are on the album at the end.

A Best Of CD is a good time to look back again. Would you do anything differently if you had the chance?
No, I do not think so. Because who does every mistake and every little thing. Some things have caused confusion and excitement, from which one has learned. Then you need to pause briefly and reflect. Not everything went well. We have lost two drummers – they are not dead (laughs) – but they have left the band. It was not easy to find, we had to substitute. But it worked every time, and new, positive things have emerged, which have abolished the negative.

Despite everything your band haven’t broken up. And hard work and a lot of touring?
Yes, we are still very enthusiastic about our band. We are now playing together 15 years and I see no reason why it shouldn’t be 15 years again. Many bands break up, making their solo albums and maybe get together again after five years. But I would be too lonely. I was only now in Berlin at the EMA. I was sitting alone in the audience and I’ve watched the show. I thought to myself: If I was a solo artist, I would always sit alone here. At most, perhaps the people from the record company may not even like me. It’s so nice to have a band, have friends around you. They get so much out more if you can share it. Good and bad things.For example, today. I was in the studio with Pauli, the guitarist, and we have rediscovered our music. We have listened to our recordings today and we laughed totally (laughs), we were really excited. This is the best thing you can do. You feel the music really. “I hope that we can maintain this success”

This is a good cue. I would like to talk about music and success. What is your definition of good music?
(Thinking very long time) Lately I’ve gone through all the songs that I have in my IPod, and I searched for songs with really strong feelings. It is very difficult to think up something like that. It sometimes takes only one or two seconds for a good melody to make an exceptional song. There is something in these notes with the chords underneath, it’s something magical. It feels good, it moves you. After that I was looking for something in the songs, no matter what kind of music.

How important is personal success? Money, fame, and these things.
Well, I like it, of course, buy nice cars, this is fun. I am glad that I can travel around the world. Even though we are not on tour now. I also like going away in private. With money you can make these things. I hope that we can maintain this success.As with “In The Shadows” going on (single from “Dead Letters”) was the highlight of our career.That was a crazy time. In so many countries it was a number one on the singles charts, this is a unique experience in life.

Would you also make music, if you wert not so successful? Playing small gigs in Finland?
Yes, I think so. I was so enthusiastic, fifteen years ago when we played our first show, then at the Christmas celebrations of our school. I had the sense to know what is a good song. We began to write our own songs. We played a few covers, for example, by Nirvana, but we were immediately focused on writing our own songs. It felt so easy. Maybe we copied a bit from here and there, but in the end we had our own songs, of which we could be proud of. Each can cover Metallica, but perform their own songs is something quite different.

Good music is always successful?
(Thinks) Normally, people find good music. But what is success? It can also be successful if it is not a million sold, if it is available free on the Internet, or something. How does one define success? Some genres are smaller. I’ve looked around the Internet for Psychobilly-Bands. They are crazy, cool bands, many from America. They look so cool and have such a strong scene, which really makes me little jealous. Belonging to something about each individual hair is precisely fixed, as it has to be on your head, all the tattoos, I thought it was cool. It’s not commercial music, it does not sell very well. But it is still a success. But a good song will always find its way to the people.

And vice versa. If successful music always good music?
No of course not. People have different tastes, some cannot tolerate some music, some may find a little bit of everything. The music reflects the personality of the people, their feelings. Some use music as a statement on the clothes they wear. They want to express something with it.

Translation done by Reka!!

your my black butterfly !!!
flying into the sky, so delicate, so sweet, but still so dark inside............

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Lauri talk to
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