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 Boys & Their Antics { Crossover with Mock The Week }

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PostSubject: Boys & Their Antics { Crossover with Mock The Week }   Wed Dec 23, 2009 4:52 pm

Title : Boys & Their Antics { Crossover with Mock The Week }
Author : Lauri's Angel
Rating : PG13ish { mild swearing }
Fic People : Lauri, Aki, Pauli, Eero, Frankie Boyle, Andy Parsons, Hugh Dennis, Dara O Braian and Russell Howard
A/N : Dont own anyone and sorry if this fic has mistakes as i dont do fics that often
Summary : The TR boys are stuck in the BBC studios in London where they meet the stars from Mock The Week and have shit loads of fun.


Chappie One

In the middle of 2007, Lauri and his fellow bandmates had an interveiw in London at the BBC studios yet, fun was bound to happen even when it wasnt coming as soon as they arrived they were told that their interviewer was running late, Lauri says " Oh for fuck's sake this happens everytime we come here and it's really bullshit" and while they were waiting then suddenly the four finnish boys heard a hell lot of screaming and laughter so they decided to check it out and wandered down some halls until they reached the room where the noise was coming from and Aki opened the door and peeked inside and saw some guys doing stupid stuff and so, Frankie looked up and saw the four finns and laughed then said " Shit we have visitors here " and this made the others guys look around and all they could think was " who are they?"...

Lauri pushed Aki inside along with Pauli and Eero as well so once they were all inside the room, Lauri asks "What are you doing?" then Dara said in his Irish accent to the boys " We are having a prank wars care to join us?" and upon hearing this the boys all nodded, so Russell decided that they would all be in teams and make the prank war more fun and once the teams were sorted things were more fun with the sickest pranks being pulled that the finns hadnt tried before yet it surprised them about how much fun they were having with these crazy twerps and Dara who was on Lauri's team knew of one dirty prank that needed to be played , so once Dara told his team-mates his idea, they all laughed and agreed to play this prank which was gross and it was aimed at Russell and Andy along with Eero too.....

Dara and his team were sneaky about the way they pulled off this prank and Russell who had no idea about the prank was scared shitless when it happened much to the amusement of Dara and his team who by this time were pissing themselves laughing at what had just happened now Russell's team knew that the prank war was well and truly on so Russell and his team were trying to think of a prank to play on the other team lead by Dara and Hugh came up with an idea so then he told his team-mates who thought that the idea was pure evil and genius as well and Andy had found this prank thought by Hugh to be the perfect prank on the other team...

To Be Continued


Jari-Matti Latvala ( Twice )
7th & 8th December 2010 ~ Pete
1st March 2011 ~ Russell Howard
25th Nov ~ Jason Manford
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Boys & Their Antics { Crossover with Mock The Week }
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