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 MustaVarjo's drawings (:

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The Rasmus Fan
The Rasmus Fan

Location : Iserlohn

PostSubject: MustaVarjo's drawings (:   Wed Jan 06, 2010 12:40 pm

okaaaay... here we go with my drawings!

I hope you like them and enjoy watching it Wink^^

Exclamation aki (din a 4)

Exclamation lauri (din a 4) it was my first drawing i did for school when we started to do portaits Wink

Exclamation black roses cover (din a 3)

Exclamation whole band (din a 3) i think eero looks like he has wet hair Very Happy

Exclamation lauri (din a 1)

Exclamation a thing we had to do with a drawing of ourself and things of posters... so i decided for these parts of some posters Wink

Exclamation this one i used for the rasmus collage Wink

Exclamation in here are ugly boys at the boy so i chose a better boy Wink

Exclamation a simple thing i did on pc... just put the text in Wink but... isnt it true? Sad

Exclamation some feathers

Exclamation now a little thing not of rasmus but still done by me Wink it is jukka the drummer of the finnish band varjo (or silent sceram)

Exclamation one of my fave things i did in school Wink

Exclamation a new drawing of lauri (din a 4)

hmm.... i think these are all^^
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Location : The Rasmus Land in Lauri's dreamcity

PostSubject: Re: MustaVarjo's drawings (:   Wed Jan 06, 2010 1:40 pm

wowow amazing hun! cheers

I must say The rasmus have the must artistic fans ever!!!! bounce

But aaaaw my favorite chocolate together with lauri affraid
I'am dying, thats to much sweetness....not good for my heart "hehe"

your my black butterfly !!!
flying into the sky, so delicate, so sweet, but still so dark inside............

Keeper of Lauri Ylönen, Finland, stars, Northern Lights and The Rasmus
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Location : Poltava, Ukraine

PostSubject: Re: MustaVarjo's drawings (:   Thu Jan 07, 2010 3:53 am

Yeah, they are beautiful!!! cheers cheers
And i adore that one with the feathers ^_^
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Location : Stockholm, Sweden

PostSubject: Re: MustaVarjo's drawings (:   Fri Jan 29, 2010 5:06 am

Your pictures are sooooooo beautiful!!! Very Happy
I wish I could be as good as you! Love all the pictures on Lauri!
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PostSubject: Re: MustaVarjo's drawings (:   

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MustaVarjo's drawings (:
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