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 secret messages hidden in Black Roses

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PostSubject: secret messages hidden in Black Roses   Mon Nov 17, 2008 9:06 am

what about the guys mentioning the "secret messages" hidden on the album?

The booklet included in the album 'Black Roses' contains also "hidden messages" for their fans, in a way like heavenly letters, added.

also that if u place the rose on the cover of the LIAWW single the rose points to different figures

if u ask me the rose looks like a compass and a five pointed star on itself

Also on the booklet:
on the first page: there's what seems to be a flower very similar to the ones on the DL booklet from which the black rose is blooming from? and its all shinny like a star or a sun?
also The Orphan is mentioned and what looks to be coordinates for a star?: ca 80.5.42

i know they said the 5th point of the rose points the direction the band is going...

in the 9th page: there's a drawing of the middle part of the rose cut in half..and if u place the two pieces together and look at it in a mirror, the writing on each side of the pentagon reads: South, East, North, West and NOIR. the world is french for Black, but is also a Cinematographic genre. if u ask me, that's whats the 5th tip of the rose is pointing to, in other words the band is heading for the unknown or darkness.

on the 11th page: one of the star points is pointing to a star in the Orion constellation. Ant the other point of the rose draws a line to another star in the constellation of Cancer followed by the text "rivers, rivers, rivers, rivers turn to blood"

on the last page there's a text: 04H41h06.094S in the constellation of Taurus, designated the name of... Aldebaran ???????,
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Just Like A Member?

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PostSubject: Re: secret messages hidden in Black Roses   Sun Nov 23, 2008 11:02 am

Aldebaran is name of star which shines the most brightly in the sky Rolling Eyes

Wepke, here's "secret message" discovered by me: lol!
If you match opposite corners of the rosee... Twisted Evil

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PostSubject: secret messages!!!   Mon Nov 24, 2008 7:14 pm

[b]there were some people who think that this album have also subliminal messages in the songs, for example in LIWWY they say someting about 40 days and nights which is a number very common in the bible. and in ten black roses it is mensioned a boy and a girl who are in love I love you but they have not said that she has an undetected dissociative identity disorder and she also personify the other side of her so she have to kiss herself in the mirror!! Suspect

awsome, this album has a lot of secrets Exclamation
silent no words for it

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PostSubject: Re: secret messages hidden in Black Roses   

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secret messages hidden in Black Roses
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