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 meanings of album-black -roses-

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The Rasmus Fan
The Rasmus Fan

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PostSubject: meanings of album-black -roses-   Mon Jan 12, 2009 11:50 am

Livin’ In A World Without You

Livin' In A World Without You was the last song we wrote for the album and this song kind of changed the whole chorus of the album because it's very different from the other songs, it's a more electronic vibe than a normal rock song and also this song influenced the other songs in the final mixing of the album. The lyrics are about something horrible that happened in the world at the time we were writing the song, but I really don't wanna be talking about it too much, I want people find their own meanings from the lyric when they listen to it.

Ten Black Roses

Ten Black Roses must be the oldest song on the album in the way that I wrote the chorus melody in '98, I was trying to create a classical piece for a guitar and actually a lot of ideas they take years to develop and find their places in our music. This lyric is about a very special bond between two people, there's a girl who loves black roses and there's only one guy who knows about that and sometimes he's sending them to this girl.

Ghost Of Love

Ghost Of Love started off from Pauli's guitar riff, this song is very much influenced by the '80 which played a huge part in our life when we're younger and this time around we started writing the song from the title, we had the title "Ghost Of Love" there and we were just thinking what comes into out minds from that, and that was a cool way to approach it.


Justify was the first song we wrote for the album, this song has a weird sad but positive feeling to it, funny how the first demo sounds almost exactly like the last version of it. This lyrics are about my personal experiences like the line "I should go and find myself before I go and ruin someone else".

Your Forgiveness

In this lyric being in love becomes someone's religion and I think that it's better to keep some secrets for yourself sometimes, than be like an open book. This song starts off like and electro song but it turns into 80 style, hard rock song, so I guess this song wated to be a little bit of both.

Run To You

We got the idea for the chorus on a roof top in L.A. watching the sunset with Pauli, and the funny thing is that the melody is very finnish and I don't know what happened there that night but I guess we were kind of home sick or something. This song gives me a feeling of a film noir movie from the '40 or '50, the guys heading for the war and the girls left behind with their white hanky.

You Got It Wrong

You Got It Wrong is perhaps the rockest song on the album, it has a furious guitar riff and lot of rhythm through all the whole song. This song has a pretty bitter lyric, it's about this orphan person who feels that he's been betrayed and used.

Lost And Lonely

Lost And Lonely will be a great live song because there's a lot of heavy rhythms in it and this song also reminds me of last summer of a place called Folegandros, a little island in Greece where we wrote most of the songs for the album; in the end of the song there's a little instrumental Metallica tribute.

The Fight

The Fight is one of the fastest songs we've ever written, it's a real viking warrior song and it gets really heavier and orchestra towards the end. The message of the song is that you should never give up, the fight is to the end.

Dangerous Kind

Dangerous Kind reminds me of the old Rasmus, it's kind of a groovy song, it's very different from the others on the album, also it remind me another song we did in the past called "Man In The Street" and that was kind of the time we were doing more this funkyer stuff.

Live Forever

Live Forever is the song full of memories from the years gone by, people have changed, people have moved on in their lives but the memories somehow keeping them connected; I just wanna to put my best memories into this one song and it really goes nicely together with this melancholic piano melodies.
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PostSubject: Re: meanings of album-black -roses-   Mon Jan 12, 2009 11:26 pm

hey there,

i just read it all and well mmm i still think there is alot of mistery around this ablum!!
The other albums, had more a clear story, i got right away the meaning from them.
with Black Roses i am still looking....

anyway thanks for sharing this with us !!!
Like a Star @ heaven wepke Like a Star @ heaven

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The Rasmus Fan
The Rasmus Fan

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PostSubject: Re: meanings of album-black -roses-   Tue Jan 05, 2010 2:53 pm

I like Lauri's meanings of the songs Smile

I have some other meanings of them... especially about Justify...
It was the situation that my great grand ma was dying. I visited her in hospital and she was in coma. No move - No sign of life .. Just the beeps of her heart, which only bumped because of the machines. It really wasn't a nice pics to see her in this condition. I went back home and wanted to look for new videos of Rasmus just to get some other thoughts into my mind than her lying there nearly dead... I dound the video of Justify and was happy to see something new of them after this break. I listened to the song...

For the first notes I forgot about my granny. But then the text... I had directly thoughts about her...

"So close, so far, I'm lost in time" --- I got a bad feeling because I didn't visit my granny so often Sad

"Ready to follow a sign, if there was only a sign" --- I thought on my granny, that in the hospital wasn't any sign of life in her...

"The last good bye burns in my mind" --- Thought more on the hospital... and my mobile phone rang...

"Why did I leave you behind" --- I saw a sms from my mum

"Guess it was too high to climb" --- Content: "grand ma died"

So for me this song makes my granny alive for me while listen to it!!!
When I sing along to this song... I feel like singing a duet with her <33 :'(
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PostSubject: Re: meanings of album-black -roses-   

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meanings of album-black -roses-
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