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 I am Wepke

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Location : The Rasmus Land in Lauri's dreamcity

PostSubject: I am Wepke   Thu Jun 04, 2009 12:46 pm


Nickname: Wepke
Age: 24 Years
Birthday: 24 July
Location: Belguim

Pets: dog
Favorite animal: dolfines, horses, butterflys, cats, dogs and ect....
Starsign: lion

Hobbies: The rasmus, geek horse riding, writting, playing guitar, drawing, talk and spending time with my friends,
The Fanclub, cooking, sports, listing to music, and ect....

Things you love? My Family and friends, The Rasmus, dolfines, the sky, stars, Finland, animals

Things you hate? Gossip, spiders, lies, bad dreams, and people in pain, cruelle people!

I believe in ??? Angels

Books: Sara Dairy, the dolfine episode of patrick lagrou, cookbooks and comics

Films: "A Walk to remeber" and "The Crow" for sure !!! yeah and also Titanic!! Than also good real storys our movies like pirates of the caribbean , walt disney movies and ect...

Sports: Horse Riding, swimming, gym, riding bike and ect... i love to try new things out "hehe"

Favorite food: Very hot food like chilli pepers, but i also like the natural flavor!! I also like many italy food
Spaghetti, pizza, patats bravas, and i am not a belguim person if i would not say the real belguim frits!

Favorite Fruits: bananas !!! and than i eat like all sort of fruits, i like it !!! there very healty to

Favorite dessert: bananas, with ice cream, whipped cream and many chocolate "hehe"

Favorite drink: I almost alway drink ice tea!! than i like hot chocolate, our just juice, but also normal soda and water
some stronger drinks i like is baileys, zizi qui qui, red wine

Favorite colour: the most Black, than olive green, ecrue, mokka brown, purple and ect...

Favorite Country: Finland !!!!!

The Rasmus !!!

How are you fan, since when? I am fan from 2003

How did you find out about them? I hear them on the radio, during a hard time.

Favourite album? peep, playground, hell of a tester, hell of a collection, dead letters, hide of a sun, black roses, best of The rasmus 2001-2009, and ... i just love them all!!! cheers

Favourite song? again i love the first song until .... Just all songs are amazing in there own way!!!

First single/album/ you bought?Into and Dead letters

Favourite Member? sttt thats my secrete "hihi" Razz
aiaiai it's no secrete it's sweet LAURI I love you and aaaw Aki and Eero and Pauli !!!

Why you love there music so hard? There music was with me during a very hard moment in my live!!!
I am them gratefull forever and there became a part of my heart!
The music is real and full passion !!! And the guys don't change there stay themself, real !!! Their just the best and no words can realy explane it for me!!!

what feelings did it gives you? I can get very emotionale when it comes to The Rasmus, there made me cry, shiver, and loved !!
It's like there understand me in many ways and ect........

did you ever cry with them? I cry alot with the Rasmus better question would be when do you not cry "hihihi"

Do you like other music bands?? Yess i like PmmP ( but not because there personal live) There music is great and it rocks !!!

What is one dream you wish come true? Well i wanted to meet The Rasmus and that came true, and i would love to meet them again
but i would love to live in Finland our travel there many times!!!

Your favorite quote? never think your alone, look up to the stars and your angel smiles
face your fairs, and live your dreams!!!
Live for the day after tomorrow
Black isn't just a colour, it's a emotion

something you wanne say more ??? I am soooo near you !!!! can't you feel me??? tongue

Your sites:

You Tube:


and many more "hehe"..........

and ofcourse you can find me at my sites of the fanclub here:





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I am Wepke
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