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 Hello New Here

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Location : Atlanta, Georgia

PostSubject: Hello New Here   Mon Jun 27, 2011 7:31 pm

name: Brooke
nickname: Brookiey
age: 28
birthday: March 14th
location: Atlanta, GA

pets: Scottish Terrier, Jax
favorite animal: Dog
starsign: Pisces

things you love:Family, friends, Music, driving fast, stupid youtube videos, concerts, alcohol, trivia...ect

Things you hate: Stupid people

I believe in: the power of music

books: The Great Gatsby, Catcher In The Rye

films: Too many to name

sports: American College Football & Baseball

favorite food: Mexican

favorite fruits: Strawberries

favorite dessert: Cheesecake

favorite drink: Beer

favorite colour: Black/Pink

The Rasmus

how are you fan, since when: Probably around 01/02

how did you find out about them: Miss named file on a downloading site. Turned out to be the song Chill. Still a favorite.

favorite album: Thats hard

favorite song: I cant pick a favorite.

first single/ ambum/ you bought: Dead Letters

favorite member: Lauri

why you love there music so hard: The lyrics, the music, Lauri's voice, the passion, talent

what feelings did it gives you: Euphoria

do you like other music bands: Yes LOTS of other bands: CCR, Hanson, The Smashing Pumpkins, Silverchair, MCR, Queen just to name a few

what is one dream you wish come true: I would love to see The Rasmus or Lauri in concert

your favorite quote: "When you can't get through it You can listen to it" Been There Before by Hanson

your sites:
Twitter: @BrookieyMonster
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Matt's Girl

Location : North Antrim Coast

PostSubject: Re: Hello New Here   Wed Jun 29, 2011 2:26 pm

Welcome to the forum and have fun


Jari-Matti Latvala ( Twice )
7th & 8th December 2010 ~ Pete
1st March 2011 ~ Russell Howard
25th Nov ~ Jason Manford
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Hello New Here
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