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 Hey Im Ale ^^

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PostSubject: Hey Im Ale ^^   Thu Jun 18, 2009 3:57 pm

So this is me Smile

name: Alejandra but Ale is just fine Very Happy

nickname: *lovely_angel715*

age: 20... 21 this july

birthday: 7 july

location: Estado de Mexico, Mexico

pets: 3 dogs (moo, chivis, momos), one cat (mollete)

favorite animal: puppies! xD jaja

starsign: Cancer

hobbies: Music, Friends, Concerts, Languages, Writting, Movies!

things you love: Music, Finland, a great book

Things you hate: lies, troubles, hurt, mean people, violence & blood (it makes me sick)

I believe in: love Rolling Eyes jajaja nahhh i dunno lol!

books: Milan Kundera's, S. Meyer's Razz, Garcia Marquez

films: The life wothout me, Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, Dancer in the dark, The crow, Pans labyrinth, LEt the right one in, and all Tim Burton's!

sports: i did some Basquetball jajaja.. but not anymore! jaja.. its not for me lol!

favorite food: with cheese! cheers

favorite fruits: apple, cherry, orange dunno watermelon jajaja

favorite dessert: chocolate Ice cream

favorite drink: tequila? jajaja just kiddin'... mmm vodka! jajaja..

favorite colour: Black blue and purpple

The Rasmus

how are you fan, since when: 2003

how did you find out about them: thanx to the radio

favorite album: its hard to say one jaja i love them all

favorite song: its depends on my mood... but as sth special happends with immortal and sail away (on TR shows) i love those 2!!!

first single / album you bought: Dead letters... it was the first to get in here...

favorite member: i think they are all special together but the ones that stole my heart everytime i see them are aki and pauli Very Happy

why you love there music so hard: cuz they get into my life in a pretty special moment... and theier lyrics are just like a ring to my finger... plus the sound its pretty unique at it totally makes me crazys jajaja xD

what feelings did it gives you: all of them!

did you ever cry with them: yep! once i thougth that i would never cry at their concerts... but nahh it already happeneds to me last time...

do you like other music bands: for sure! i love many finnish bands, plus MUSE are like my second fav band, B´¨ork is someome to admire to, and PMMP... jajaj thanx to one friend of mine im starting to love thier music!

what is one dream you wish come true: hard to tell, im such a dreamy girl... guess that interview the rasmus!

your favorite quote: Even in there are thousands of stars, there's just one for me.

something you wanna say more: Hi everyone!

your sites: Very Happy
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Location : The Rasmus Land in Lauri's dreamcity

PostSubject: Re: Hey Im Ale ^^   Tue Jul 28, 2009 5:59 am

*lovely_angel715* wrote:
your favorite quote: Even in there are thousands of stars, there's just one for me.

i I love you this line it's so beautifull!!!
stars can be soo meaningfull !!!! Like a Star @ heaven

and cool i like PMMP to "hehe" their good!!!
well nice to meet you a bit more hun!!


your my black butterfly !!!
flying into the sky, so delicate, so sweet, but still so dark inside............

Keeper of Lauri Ylönen, Finland, stars, Northern Lights and The Rasmus
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Hey Im Ale ^^
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