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 Other Music: Olavi Uusivirta <3

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Location : Poltava, Ukraine

PostSubject: Other Music: Olavi Uusivirta <3   Wed Jun 23, 2010 3:34 am

So one more amazing Finnish singer Twisted Evil
I know him not so long, nearly a month or something, but i really adore him. I found him on Youtube, it recommended me his song "Tuu mun vaimoksein". I listene to it and i like it!!! Very Happy He has a unique style of singing, music and lyrics. It's rock mixed with light pop and elektronic.
7.4.2010 was released his new album called "Preeria". But that's a pity i can't find his songs to download.... Crying or Very sad

I think my favourite ones are:
Ukonlintu ja Virvaliekki
Sina elat yksin
Erika and a lot of others Razz

Here's his official website:

And some most popular songs:

Tuu mun vaimoksein:
On niin helppoo olla onnellinen:
Nukketalo palaa: Razz

The songs i like:
Sina elat yksin:

His YouTube page:

Have fun!! Wink

P.S. This guys on my avatar and siggy is Olavi !!!! Laughing
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Other Music: Olavi Uusivirta <3
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