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 (Part) Meaning of Hide of The sun

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PostSubject: (Part) Meaning of Hide of The sun   Sun Jan 18, 2009 12:16 pm

Night After Night (Out Of The Shadows)

It's a little like a second part of "In The Shadows" but, musically, it's a different topic. In the first part, I was a little desperate, I put questions about the life and I waited help and the answers. I lived things, that allowed me to solve some of my problems. Then I thought that would be cool to arrive with one history and to give one following to this song.

Lucifer’s Angel

I read some books which speak about the things which arrived four hundred years ago on these people who tried to help the others, who wanted to change the world. Everyone said that these people were wizards, that they were sent by Satan. It shoud to be well people. They were good and curious and they were killed, burnt, I think that the same thing arrives today in the world as soon as somebody arrives with a new vision, new idea, people are frightened and push back these characters. I just found a connection between today and our past.

Last Generation

It's one of my favourite. Certainly also an excellent song on stage.
Dead PromisesThis piece is the one which has the most contrasts, more dramatic too. At the beginning, I arrived with the riffs at the guitar, but when I listened to the sound of Apocalyptica, I immediately say that it would be perfect for this piece. That speaks about our choices of life. When we are on the road, the life is different. Sometimes, you start to sleep whereas the sun starts to lie down. We can't live all the time with the hidden sun. Reality returns quickly, once the finished concerts. There too, we shouldn't veil the face.


This song is maybe a little more complicated than usually, because there are many things inside. It's enough different from the others and it's one of my favourite. It's enough melodic with many riffs of guitar. It speaks about the future, of the end of the world in a metaphorical way. Something of evil will arrive to us. Then, we must flee before disappear.

Sail Away

This song it's imposed of itself. I was scraping my guitar and I said myself "It's a very good song just as it is". I played it to the others. We kept her very simple.

Dancer In The Dark
I like Björk. I also really liked the history of the film "Dancer In The Dark" because I can find me there. She keeps a secret, she becomes blind and she must hide it. I feel a little the same kind of things. If I had big problems, I wouldn't come to see you. I would keep them for me and I would try to solve them by myself, even if it's not always the best solution.
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(Part) Meaning of Hide of The sun
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